Looking for a house.

Hi, I'm looking for a 3 Bdr house to rent. I'll be staying for jus a month. But will keep coming bck within 2 months. Basically I'm from Malaysia.  Thks.

Check in the housing section at the top of this page. You can place a free advertisement there too.

hi madam, good day
where u want house  in which part u want  in india
u want in chennai or mumbai
if u want in chennai i have 2bhk flat  i can offer you for rent
for 11 month agreement  your want or how u want pl let me know

I'm looking at Bglr. Can I know which place is that n the rental like.


In which city you are looking for house to rent?

good place u can is whitefield road is good place decent palce to ive for 2 or 3bhhk flat will cost your areound 15000 to 20000 madam

Either chennai or bangalore. I prefer bangalore

Oh is it. That will b fine. Can I know if r the agent?

can u please tell me which part of bangalore u r looking?u can get homes at any part od bangalore..not at all tough job

I will be coming over next month. I think than I will survey some places myself. Only than I can decide which place to choose. Any way thanks to all.

Prashant, I think I will come to bangalore next mth. I might survey some places first than decide. Thks for the concern. How ever send me your number. I will call you once I reach bangalore. Thks.

sure...i am always ready to help

Thanks prashanth. Will keep in touch.

hii please let me know your exact location you are looking for in banglore

I'm not sure of the location. However near koramangala will b ok for me.

try looking on Magic Bricks India

Thks Ramesh. Can I have your contact number. I'll add u in WhatsApp to discuss about the rental. I seldom login in here. Thks.

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