Expatriation from France to Bangalore, searching for an Indian Family

Hello everyone !

My name is Chloé. I have been willing to go to India for such a long time and it is now becoming real :)
I am going to New Delhi for a master course from Aujust and for 2 years. From september 2015 to January 2016, I will live in Bangalore because I got an internship in a local company. I am very happy because I really wanted to live in Bangalore, which is less crowded than Delhi I guess.

As I am still a student and paying for my school fees, I am looking for finding a cheap accomodation to fit with my low budget .. Also, as I will leave my country and be new to the region, I would prefer to live with someone.

At the same time, I started to learn Hindi because thi is important for me. I know that Hindi is not the language spoken in the region of Bangalore, but I am wondering if there is any Hindi speaker family living in Bangalore.

I would be very happy to find a family to live with to practice my Hindi and have fun together. I am really into creating good relations and I like to stay with Indians.

I am sure there is a lot to share from both sides :)
If anyone is interested or knows someone interested, please contact me !

I am looking forward to hearing from you !



I am in Bangalore .I can find it for you .Or suggest a good accomodation within the employees I work with .I have
Subodh (Dr Subodh Prabhu)

hai chloe..

iam amena....

u got accomadation

If you're looking for accommodation with an Indian family/an Indian homestay in the New Delhi region where you could also learn Hindi , you can get in touch with me

Dear Chole,
Though I will not be able to help you. The advice I have is, that you should be able to manage with English anywhere in India. You are working on hindi ,that's pretty good. I too had stayed in a francophone country for a long time and so who ever stays with you will definitely learn a very good language too. Best of Luck  :)

HEy Chole

Banglore is a cosmopolitan city and most of the the folks that you might interact with would understand English, even though you dont find any house owners who can speak hindi, you can pratice your Hindi with your co workers aswell

one more option would be to find someone whom you can teach French and learn Hindi in return. win win for both

I'm not from banglore else would have been open for the last option.,  We can do that through net/chat if you want

Hello, I am really happy to see all these answers. It helps me a lot.
I am sorry if looks like I didn't reply and look at your message but I am already replying to you all by private message.
Thanks to all of you I already have some leads where to live in Bangalore. But not nothing is fixed for now. As soon as I will be decided I will tell you.
Amit, I know that English is well spoken in the region of Bangalore. But as I will spend the rest of my two years of studies in Delhi, I think it can be good to manage with Hindi too. And I really like to learn another language. It is a good training. Also here in France, I am staying with Indian friends. They like to talk in Hindi so I would like to be able to understand more and more this language.

Yes, I agree and two years is more than enough to learn Hindi. But I am surprised as I always thought most of the Indians in France were from the South of India especially Pondycherry hence less Hindi.
Anyways "Je te souhaite un sejour agreeable au Delhi "

Dear Chloé, How cheap is cheap? Hindi speaking families may not necessarily want to host a guest as they don't need the money. South indians would. When are you arriving? Early next week, leaving for France ( for a couple of months) & Europe so call me asap for pointers...Regards. Indira T:

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Hi hloe,
Are you still in Bangalore?
Wanted some information from you.

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