Thinking of moving to North Dubai

Hi, I am thinking of moving to North Dubai, maybe Ajman but not sure what city yet. I am wondering if I am on 21000 a month is that enough to save a little considering I have to rent an apartment. Speaking of apartments, I am moving with my wife and son so how much would it cost roughly for a 2 bedroom apartment? We don't need anything fancy but also don't want a place falling down. Is the social life good in Ajman or would you have to go to Dubai?

Welcome to EB, Dubai and Ajman are different Emirates in the UAE and there is one Emirate in between - Sharjah. Cost of living would vary depending of which of these Emirates you decide on living/working.

Dubai is expensive compared to the other 2. The salary you mentioned should be good enough to have a decent life here. Renting a 2 BHK in DXB can cost anywhere from AED 75 K/year to AED 150 K/year (Averaging around 110 K). I'm not sure about social life in Ajman although it has fewer restrictions on alcohol (also cheaper) than Dubai. But Dubai definitely is the hub for most who live here as driving up & down from Ajman is not the toughest thing to do.

Would recommend to read more of the past posts as most questions have already been addressed in the forum.

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