21000 AED and saving

Hi Everyone,

So I got accepted for a post in the UAE's Ministry of Education. Realise that 21,000 is enough to pay rent and live but wonder how likely it would be to send over about 3000 AED a month and still have enough to pay for every day living and social outings. I know that people live there on much much less but I can't see how from here!

I'll be working for the ministry as well I am new to the process and am currently waiting for accreditation of docs.  It's exciting and I'm looking forward to having a big adventure while teaching.
Please share with me what you've learned
Hope you are well
Love name btw

Hey Ms. Eaves, thanks for dropping in! (Sorry couldn't resist)

Yeah. So far it seems like all my documents have been accepted for what they are (I've only sent electronic copies though...). I'm looking forward to it too, but I haven't learned much besides that people seem to think that even 21,000 is merely "ok" or even "too low" for emirates like Dubai - which we probably aren't going to get but does make me nervous!

And glad someone likes the name. I take it you know where it comes from?

Good morning
No I don't know the origin of your screen name, please tell me
This is going to be an interesting adventure for sure
Keep in touch however

Salary for a Teacher is good you, you wouldn't be earning much more than 21k in many places but the only bad point about MOE is you have to find accommodation your self, which I heard could be a bit of hassel getting the right place for the right price. Please do share your experience once you have got there.

When people mention the salary is OK, yes there are other professions who earn alot more than 21k a month but for teacher it is decent. If they provided you with accommodation plus 21k salary a month than you would have been on a good package. Keep in mind you will have bills to pay and probably have to rent or share a car to work aswel.

Yes u can

I don't think it as a bad salary. Once you start living, you will get to know the expenses and how to control it. I suggest you to accept this offer.

Has anyone received their final contract yet? I was also offered a position for this job, originally set to start in August, but the leaving date has continued to be postponed and I still have no idea if and when I am set to leave.


I too have been accepted for a role with the MOE & due to delays with visas for those already there I'm still waiting for confirmation of the date I'll be heading over. I've been told 26 September. Anyone else who has had this happen look forward to hearing from you!

I've been told to look at for accommodation

My other question was how much should we budget in the first month before being paid??

Samantha x


Yup, I'm also waiting for confirmation of leaving dates after acceptance. I have been told 26. September, due to visa delays with other applications.

Keep in touch & hopefully things come through in the next few weeks!

Samantha x

I was told early September and now just relaxing in Asia while waiting for the final word after Eid. Last I was told is that my visa was applied for and currently processed, but the Eid holiday is delaying things. Oh well.

Hi Samantha,

It's nice that you have a date. I have not been given any dates as my visa has not been approved yet, and they are not sure how much longer it will take.

As for accommodation I have also checked that website, but I do not know my placement yet and I will not receive that information until I arrive. Do you know where you will be teaching?



Thanks for the reply, of course it's Eid this might be why there's a delay from their side. Will speak to my agency next week.

I have only been given my initial contract, my second contract has not yet been processed or sent. No visa yet or confirmation of flights.

I'm also not going to know the exact Emirate I'll be in until I arrive as far as I'm aware.?

Unless they tell you in the final contract ?


Has anyone received their final contract or flight ticket?

I'm still waiting, but hopefully I will hear something next week.

Hey everyone,

It seems we are all in the same boat about waiting to get the call about going to the UAE. I just got my call from my agency yesterday (Teach Away) and I received word that I will be flying out to the UAE next Friday (9/23)! It felt like a huge weight was lifted off. I can't wait for all of you to feel that :)

I wanted to give you a timeline of events that happened to me, just so you guys have an idea of the process that I went through, starting with when I signed my Initial Contract:

7/20 - Initial Offer Arrived from MOE (thru Teach Away via email)
7/22 - I signed the initial offer and sent it back in (thru Teach Away via email). The email I received on 7/20 gave me instructions on next steps, which were to fill out forms and start collecting necessary documents. 11 documents total. Things like passport, college transcript, pre-employment info, etc.
7/26 - I sent in the last of the documents to Teach Away
***Long waiting period. Feelings of anxiousness, frustration, and hope***
8/23 - Formal Offer arrives from MOE (thru Teach Away via email). I'm happy! In my head, I think "Great! I'm leaving in a couple weeks!"
8/23 - Formal Offer signed and returned to Teach Away (via email). On the contract, I put 9/9/16 as the preferred start date. I start planning for the big move - selling stuff, saying goobyes, etc.
9/7 - I got an email from Teach Away that I needed to Authenticate my:
a) Teaching Credential
b) College Transcript
c) College Diploma
** This was infuriating. Why didn't they tell me to do this when I signed me Official Contract back on 8/23??? I begin scrambling to get these authenticated. I had to wait in line for 4 hours at a California Government building. I overnighted my college stuff to Wisconsin (Go Badgers!!! Perhaps the most stressful part of the process was this). **
9/12 - Phone call received from Teach Away stating I had an initial start date! They tell me 9/16. I'm stoked!! But I tell them I don't have everything ready to go because I am still waiting for my college stuff to be authenticated, and then will have to send to the US Embassy to get attested. Is this okay? They say no. Because of this, my departure date got pushed back to 9/23. I think back to how infuriating it was that Teach Away told me to get documents authenticated so late. I should be leaving this Friday.

9/13 (today) - My authenticated college stuff will be coming back in the next couple hours (The self-address return envelope I used was also overnight). I will then scan all documents and use ProEx courier service to have those documents attested by the US and UAE Embassy. I talked to someone at ProEx and they told me it's going to take 8-10 days.

Long process, but now that I know when I'm leaving, I feel TONS better. Some recommendations for those of you still in the process:

1) Even if you haven't been told to do so, if you don't have your college transcript, college diploma, and teaching credential authenticated, DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. I'm from the United States, so I don't know what the policy is in other countries, but if you're a U.S. citizen, do this now.
2) Alison is correct when she says to be patient. In the meantime, start looking for apartments or used cars on so you get an idea of how much things are going to cost (if you haven't already). And spend as little money as you can. $6 footlong subs can be split for both lunch and dinner!
3) If you're mailing anything, USE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY. It does cost more (I paid $80 to send my college stuff overnight to Wisconsin - $40 for the overnight envelope there, and $40 for the return overnight envelope). I understand this is in direct contradiction to "spend as little money as you can," but tt was worth it. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't be leaving until 9/30.

I hope this helps and good luck out for those of you waiting! The wait is truly worth it!!

Hello all!

My post above is a reply I gave to an MOE forum about a week ago. Hope it helps!

Hi there,

That's great news, I'm with another agency here in the UK, what you have outlined is similar to my experience. The only delay is I still haven't received the final contract , certificates have been attested by a lawyer (but not yet sent to our Foreign Office or the UAE emabassy in London). I have been told that the attestation can be done whilst in the UAE after signing the contract (by having someone at home post the attested files).

Due to Eid there has been a delay, was informed that we would hear an update this week.


Thanks for the response.
It's nice to see your process was a lot quicker. I received my initial offer in March and I still do not have any further information about visa approval and leaving date.
I have my college diploma authenticated by my state, but I was not informed about the transcripts needing to be authenticated. I know I will need  to get my diploma authenticated by the department of state and then the UAE embassy. I was told I need to wait until I have my official contract for that step.
It's been frustrating waiting this long, but I am really hoping I hear something next week.

It will be nice to hear your first impressions over the coming days once you arrive. Safe travels.

Wait... you mean I need to apostille my documents?! No one has told me this as of yet and I'm not currently in the US. I've only sent the scanned documents.

Not apostille, that's different from authenticating. I'm not sure what your country's policies are, so maybe you don't have to worry about it. I would call someone to make sure

In the UK you have to have your documents legally attested by a solicitor who is currently practising, they then need to be legitimised by the Foreign Office & the UAE embassy.

I'm an American and have had to have various types of authentication through the countries I've lived in. Do you just mean go to a notary at a consulate or something then?

In the US once you have had your documents signed by a Notary Public it then need to be endorsed by  both the County Clerk, Secretary of State and then to the US Department of state. Finally it then goes to be attested by the UAE Embassy.

This is the contact number I was provided for any questions:

US Federal Information Center toll-free at 800 688 9889 or (301) 722 9000

Fortunately I was informed by a coworker in Saudi that I will not need this step due to Reasons. Yay

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