Is 35K AED a good Salary for a Data Scientist in Dubai (Family of 2)?

Hi, I have been offered a Data Scientist job in Dubai. I want to move there with my wife, we have no kids.  Salary on offer is 35K AED. Company will provide 2 weeks of free hotel, medical insurance, and return tickets for both of us. Currently, I work in London, UK on the same post and get £70K. So, is 35K AED a good salary to move to Dubai and will I be able to save any money at all considering Dubai is very expensive?

Um yes that's a really good salary. I live in sharjah. Monthly expenses for a typical family of 5 costs about 3000 Dhs.

But rent is a bit costly in dubai you may want to consider a place in sharjah for living and work In dubai.

If you need any help I would be a happy to help you out to the best of my ability for enquiries you may have

Thanks Awais. Could you give me your WhatsApp number please ?

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