Advice on salary for Architect

Hi guys,

I'm planning to apply as an architect in Papua New Guinea. Now if everything goes well, i just might be able to work there. Just want to ask your help guys, in determining whats the basic salary for architect there in PNG? I have 5 years experience here in the Philippines. How much you think should i be getting per month? enough for me to save money.

Also, just worried since i hear from stories and friends that it is quite dangerous there... any assurance from you guys?

Thanks a lot! Hope i can get honest and helpful feedback =) I appreciate it!

Bro, direct kaba oh sa agency ka nag apply?
depende kc yan sa trabaho at kung ano ang work experience mo san ka mabebase?ok naman dito sa PNG. dami ng pinoy dito

agency. 5 years work experience ko from cebu. makakasave kaya ako diyan? magkano sabihin ko na expected salary ko kaya? wala kasi ako idea. thanks.

bro, pm kita

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okay, well noted. sorry for our previous post.

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