I applied for a teaching post at PNG University of Technology

Hi I am Siti from Malaysia.

I applied for a teaching post at  PNG University of Technology (in Lea) and 2 days back I received an email saying I am shortlisted for an online interview.

I posted about this interview on facebook and received various feedback including from my former Professor. Most worried about safety and being a woman living in Papua. Besides, my husband is not coming with me, he is working in Malaysia. If I get this job, I will go with my elder sister and 4 yo son.

Anybody can advise me whether I should accept the offer or not (if I am selected).

Many thanks in advance.


Hello Siti,

I do not want to discourage you although I will tell you a bit about what I know from a friend who works at Unitech as well as from local News stories.

For the record, Lae is a beautiful place and I have lived here long enough to love this place and the people I have met but there is always a need to be careful here because you never know what can happen or what trouble you might run into. I honestly do not want to paint a bad picture of Lae but rather want to give you as much information as possible so that you are able to make a decision that you do not regret.

Firstly, they provide housing at the school compound but they do not provide individual company vehicles. There is a school bus that takes staff to market and town. They will divide you into groups and you will have turns going into town, alternating every weekend. You can also find your way to town but I would not recommend that for you. Unitech is about half an hour away from the city.

In the news, I read that there were pay issues so teachers had to go without their salary for quite some time till the issue was sorted. This is something that is expected and can happen at any time.

Also, there was a murder that happened at the school last year and a riot followed so a few buildings were burnt down and school was shut down for a few months. There is still a curfew in place. They have 24 hour security and security at the main gate is tight.

Ultimately the decision is yours to make but these are a few things you'll want to consider.

I do wish you all the best Siti.


hello Siti, i'm here in Lae, from what department in Unitech u r applying for?

Salam Siti,
As a fellow Malaysian, I welcome you to Lae.
Good luck for the job...
Anyway, few things that you need to look into:
1. Security, since you are female pls be more careful when you going out, preferably go out with security.
2. Muslim food, it is quite difficult to get Halal food. Usually lamb is Halal (imported from Aus or NZ). I slaughter my own chicken.
3. School syllabus are not the same as Malaysian.

My family and I in Lae also along with few families of Malaysian.

Good luck;

Hi Siti,
I'm Kee from Sabah.
I saw a teaching post at PNG University of Technology too recently and was thinking of applying as well.  May I know whether you have accepted the post?
Why or why did you not accept the post? Thanks

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