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I am currently being interviewed for a position at xxx Machinery in LAE PNG and was wanting to know if anyone has news on this company as I cannot find much info about them



Welcome to Fester!

Hope that you'll soon be enlightened.;)


Fester xxx are talked about on this site I think in the work forum , there is not much nice said about them.
It seems that they don't look after their expat work force very well and lots of them have left
Their work contracts don't seem to hold water so beware as PNG is a long way to go to be left high and dry.

xxx Machinery are always looking for expat staff.

I have worked in PNG off and on since 1960's and they do not have a good reputation.

Hi Guys,

I am planning to transfer to xxx Machinery soon, can you please advise to me what are the things not good to them...

What position?

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I have had friends who have worked there and have left because  the company have not honoured the signed contract regarding pay and conditions. I would not recommend them at all.

We all know that xxx are not good to work for. However personal attacks such as yours are unacceptable on this forum.

I wouldn't recommend you to consider their offer. Many current expats in there (xxx) are looking for opportunities outside to leave.

I just recently left them. The company is good, but there are two teams in top management advising the owner and there is politics and you wouldn't enjoy your job!

Please look elsewhere.

A note FYI: xxx Machinery has recently changed its name to xxx (PNG) Ltd.

Thanks Backspace.
I hope your post puts this subject to bed.

Beware Beware Beware!!!
If you are considering a job with this company, read through the posts and make up your own mind but be aware of the following:
(1)They don't pay you while you are waiting for your work permit, which as there is no real HR department can take up to 2 months.
(2)They may want you to come into the country on a business visa, which is illegal and if you are caught you will be denied entry or deported and wont get back into the country with any other company.
(3) They will change your contract at will, normally when you just arrive in the country, so expect to be sent places which most nationals wont go and changes to your roster when it suits them, also a contract isn't worth the paper is written on so don't expect them to respect it.
(4) Expect to work for management that has no vision, and operate day to day, moment to moment, and plan nothing, most employees wonder how they are still operating, and due to the downturn in mining in PNG they will expect you to work more and get less.
(5) No medical insurance or life insurance for expats, if you go make certain you have cover, in the event you are sick or catch malaria then you are on your own, most employees catch malaria while in the camp, preventive medication is expensive and not supplied.
(6) If you are offered a residential contract, DON'T.
(7) Lae camp is comfortable except for the constant noise from the local village next beyond the fence but without access to a vehicle then you are stuck, so don't expect access to spare vehicles to get around, even within camp there is no transport between yards, so walking becomes the norm.
(8) They are cashing up so if you expect long term then think again.
(9) Pack light and take everything with you when you go out on break as this is usually when you get terminated without reason.

With working for any company in PNG, they will gloss it over so take nothing for granted, also as they will probably use there office in Brisbane for contact, take notes of all conversations, recordings even better, the contract means nothing as it is PNG based but anything they tell you in Australia is a different story as any lawyer will tell you.

Lastly, working for these guys is not a career move and the local motto in camp is "Seek is my friend"

Suggest all readers on this Forum read and understand carefully.
All my previous posts regarding xxx and associated trading names have been deleted.

DO NOT work for xxx, xxx or whatever else Bob calls himself. It's rotten to the core and the expat turnover is one person every Week without exaggerating. There are plenty of other good Companies to go work for in PNG and Bob's name is Mud in the PNG market.
xxx will not pay you while on Visa standby, will not front up with your medical Insurance, and will fire you at the drop of a Hat.
xxx are bringing in expats on "Visa on arrival" type arrangements to check them out first, I'm one who entered PNG under such conditions before I was issued a proper work Visa.

xxx are presently advertising for another Workshop Manager in Lae. It's advertised on Seek. (13/03/17)
Workshop Manager
Private Advertiser
This is a Full Time job
Rapidly Expanding Company
Excellent Conditions
Opportunity for a Commercially minded person
* Fly in / Fly out of PNG * Modern Workshop * Secure company camp, Outstanding opportunity for a proactive, career driven self starter

Avoid at all costs, it will only cost you a fortune and it's a super crap Company and place to work.

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