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I have just joined this forum so I thought I would say hi. I am visiting Bulgaria in September with a view to opening a company to take care of some of our consultancy work and perhaps some of our IT work as well. I am British and my main business is based in France. I have never been to Bulgaria but the business structure seems to be fairly good so I am really looking forward to it.

Welcome Mik100, do you have any questions that members might help you with?  How did you come (prospectively) to the decision to operate in Bulgaria? :)

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Hello and welcome to Mike :cheers:

You can read the Living in Bulgaria guide if you wish to have more infos about how to set up your business :top:

Looking forward to read you more


We are living in Central Bulgaria, near a town called Chirpan. Love it  here, the people are amazing. Good luck with all of your plans, hope all works out perfect.

Browse the forum, you might find very interesting subjects about BG

Good plan Mik,

Just have in mind that you will on one seide benefit the low corporate tax in the country and the salary levels, but on the other hand you will have to compete for a decreasing resource - qualified people.

Especially in the IT sector with giants like SAP, VM Ware, Telerik and HP ... some of these have already started to create their own "qualified staff" by launching IT accademies.

There are some excellent qualified people here but they are becoming more expensive, depending on the level of expertise you require - I have also come across some completely useless "qualified experts"!

The good ones either work for foreign companies here or move abroad. If I were you, I'd try contacting the Technical University in Sofia (once the new academic year starts) but you'll need a good idea of what you need in terms of expertise and what you can offer in terms of job security and stability; quite a few start-ups here fold quickly and clued-up staff are aware of this danger.

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