my wife and i have just purchased a house in radovets,we or i (according to my wife) purchased it without going to see it,we are planing a visit on 9th April 2013 to have a look,although we would like to embrace the Bulgarian culture it would still be nice to hear from Brits in the village.it is our plan to visit 2 or 3 times per year at first then when the time is right we hope to move full time.
does anyone have tips or experiences that might help or if you live in the village even better
i will be looking to have some repairs done to the property and it would be nice to have local labor to do the work.

Hi Hirkland ,
I hope you did not buy this property without seeing it ??
In this region they are not a lot of EU and UK citizen.
Most of Uk citizen are living in North from Velika Ternova up to the Donau river. I am living in Kovachitza near Lom and in my village are living permanentely two Belgian families , one French ,
One Italien , one from Ireland and six from UK. Also many have invest in a house with the intention to live here in the future when they are retired.
                                  Sincerely yours,

                                   Axinia Milanova

i did see detailed pictures of it,it is a typical Bulgarian house well presented with a nice garden and outside toilet,i picked it because it is a rural location but not to far from the major towns and only 40min in the bus to edernie in Turkey.
the thought of getting away from brits was also appealing although total isolation would not be good

Hi Kirklind

It is absolutely not my intention to make you affraid at all but 90% from people who bought a property without seeing it where very unhappy when they saw it for the first time . Cheep properties over here need always a lot of renovation works . The construction is most of the time strong but during 30 or 40 years no maintenance , that's typical for village houses and village people ! My husband is constructor here in the north of Bulgaria and he can work day and night al year long for people from abroad. Most of the time roofwork , kitchen and bathroom installation. But I am sure that you will be very happy in Bulgaria. 

                              Sincerely yours ,
                              Axinia Milanova

we spent to weeks in Svilengrad and went beck and forward to the house,it needs a new roof a bathroom and septic tank,the village is a typical Bulgarian village and the locals are very friendly.
we will have a new roof put on at the end of the summer this year and a septic tank and bathroom put in next year.
all in all we are pleased with the house and village and the friendly locals,so anyone knows a good builder in southern Bulgaria
we met a lovely English couple called John and Sandra who were very good to us,i spent the day on a horse and cart with one of the locals
please contact me by e mail

Hello my friend ,

Beautiful that you are so happy with your new property !!
Maby your English friends can help you to find a serious builder ?
For my husband it's to far away or he would have come to your place and help you with the renovations . I hope you will send us sometimes news about your live and experience in Bulgaria


Radovets i looked on google earth its really close to the border with Greeece.
Are there many other ex pat Brittish there.

And how far have you got with doing your work

Radovets sits 1m from the Turkish border and about 16m from Greece
it is a typical Bulgarian village.it is very nice and the people were very friendly. there is one full time English couple who are very nice and they have been very helpful and 4 or 5 part time.
we have not started the house yet,we will be getting a new roof put on later this year then start on the inside,we will renovate the house over the next 3 or 4 years then if all goes well we will move full time.
there are a few nice houses in the village that are worth looking at.

How much are these houses going for

anywere between £2500 and £10,000,there is a lovley house with double glazing and indoor toilet and a good roof going for about £4500,they all need some sort of work done but still a steal,its about £14 per year for council tax and £20 per month at worst for electricity

Hi mate we too have a house in radovets, Iy needs lots of work but at the minuit we are not in a position to get back across to organise or do the work due to me having poor health at the minuit. Have you come across any good trusted builders yet that you could recommend and have you completed your roof yet.?

Hello  Sir ,

If you like to send me your mail adress , I will send you a lot of pictures from my partner who is builder since more than 30 years .  He is on big project near Plovsiv at this moment . He works most of the time for EU and UK citizen here in Bulgaria . You can also always call late in the evening ... number *** and ask after Philippe . He speaks very good Inglish
                                                        Have a nice day ,

Thanks I have emailed you.

Hi I am currently looking at a property in radovets and wonder if everything went smoothly for you guys any pitfalls I need to look out for ?

Hi Justin
I bought a house in Radovets in need of total renovation. but to facilitate living and working on the house we have also bought a great house in Sinapovo which is about 20 mins drive away. The village is realy nice with some great expats and friendly locals. My house in Sinapovo came with an adjoining property which was a surprise and all for £7500. Area is great and I spent 7 weeks this year there tidying up and the like I'm back in UK just now packing up our stuff to drive back across as soon as we can. Cat wait to be there again. Stay in touch if you need a place to crash while looking out the area.

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