oman medical licensure examination

Can u please tell me how you prepared for your omle examinatiom in general dentistry @

Your help and advise will be highly appreciated

Many regards

dont contact altabsi..hes selling the books u can download for free for rs 3500..after my posts about study material for omle general dentistry in rxpg  he stoppd msgng there for the last 6 months.

Hello guys anyone giving oral exam for dentistry in may 2015. Can anyone tell me for how many years is oman dental license valid. Thank you

Hello giving my viva on may 10 and wen is urs

Read Saudi licensing exam papers available on net and just brush up clinical books.

What is the period of validityOMSB prometric exam where it is mentioned. Is this test valid forever ?

Six months is validity of prometric exam. Within 3 months  you must appear for viva. Appearing for viva requires job letter. Attempts of oral exam are 2

Which books to read for OMSB PROMETRIC EXAM Ortho.

I passed omsb prometric exam ortho on 4/12/2014.

Thanks ashfaq.

Hello doctor. I am giving exam may 2015

Do u have job offer right now.

  I'm working as an assistant professor of anatomy. I'm planning to relocate to muscat city of Oman.  I want to know weather is it essential for me to write this entrance exams as I'm going work in a teaching field n not going to practice clinically. N if it is compulsory to write this exams I want to what is the syllabus for anatomy candidates n wer r the centres for these exams locates in karnataka state. N when it can be given. plz need ur valuable advice asap

Centre  is located in Bangalore for prometric exam. Sorry sir no idea regarding teaching. Just check with the people who have done your recruitment I guess.

Ms anatomy -- no need to write -- teaching only sultan quaboos university -- look into Google -- find out the faculty -- search and apply your cv and they will call for interview .

Suhail how was the prometric exam -- is there a interview again -- how was the question based .

I have done my mbbs from karnataka. I got 5yrs of experience as an icu incharge. Planning to move to oman. Kindly any1 guide me step by step. how should i start applying for the exam and when to apply for a job in oman. Thank u in advance.

Helo dear, whats is procedure to apply for pediatric prometric and syllabus

:) hello,every one..i,ve got 5 years of training experience ..02 years in internal medicine and 03 years in NEPHROLOGY, can any one tell me , should i apply as GP? or as specialist?
any vacancies in nephrology???
reply at drafaq786[at]

This is for your kind information the examiners are upto the mark.

Hello Dr Subash..have u got any job offer..if not i can help in thso regard..i am also preparing for viva..u cn write to u have any idea regarding viva...plz share

Hello Doc.this OMSB Prometric exam pass certificate is valid for how much period.
I heard it is valid fornone year woth in which v can take viva test.

Dear all,
I am an Italian doctor, specialist in Internal Medicine, planning to move in Oman.
Could someone please explain me what I have to do to get license to practice medicine in Oman. Do I have to pass written (prometric) and oral exam?
Which material should I buy to pass those ones?
Thank you!

What is the web site for oman medical licence exam?.

Hi what is the level required

Hi, friends, I am an oral surgeon in India, with 6+ years of experience, do I have to give the dental licensing exam if I have to start applying for jobs in musket?

Dont write now.write only after getting job offer letter.Because it is valid for 6months only.

Thanks so much. What is the name of the exam for dentistry or oral surgery called?

Oman Medical Specaility Board.

@ sriramakrishna , its prometric exam, sponsor OMSB

Hello all,
I am MD pulmonary medicine from India. I would like to relocate to Oman. How many years of experience is required? Is there any scope for pulmonolgists?. There is no option for respiratory medicine on the prometric website for oman... how do I approach this issue?
Your advice will be highly appreciated..

i want to oman liscence for GP

If v have given our viva through one hospital and its mandatory that  licence should be made for that hospital only or can make licence for our hospital of choice.
Some one please answer to my question.

Do you need to have a job offer first before they will give a schedule for MOH Oman viva exam or you can go directly to MOH? Please help. Thank you.

Hi there, love to know about oman licensing exams? How difficult are they actually? What books do i need to study? My friend wants to work as general practitioner in medicine in  oman..please help....thank u

today i passed omanian health speciality exams ....w o0o0ow its too difficult exams . u should kn everything. i used general books . i dont think u need anything special. just  use any book.

u answer last 70th question and u will get result pass or fail

This is mohammad, im a dental graduate
May i know what do i need to be a dentist in oman?
What are the the steps?

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