Mobifone balance question

Hi there,

I just arrived in Da Nang a few days ago and I am enjoying my stay so far.  Thank you to all of you who have helped me with answers to questions, etc.

I have another question with regard to Mobifone.  At Da Nang airport, I bought a Mobifone SIM card for 120,000 Dong - the woman at the Mobifone desk who sold it to me to me that it was already set up for their 70,000 Dong/month plan that gives you 600MB/month of data with a soft cap (i.e. when you go over, it goes to 2G speeds, so you still have access to data).

When I use "*101#<send>" to check my balance, I get this:

Unfortunately, I don't speak Vietnamese (yet).

What do all of the numbers mean?  I have also sent a few text messages, so the balance may have gone down...

Thanks again for your help!

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