I am looking for a job in Belgium

Hello my name is arthur  and I am a polish i live in the UK but I want to move to Belgium so i am looking for a hotel job like a laundryman or a  restaurant job like a kitchen porter I have 7 year experience of kitchen porter cleaning  And i am very flexible  and  hard working person I want find a job before moving to Belgium  So please if you have any position I am  available to start working at any time soon many thanks

Welcome on board :cheers:

For a start you can check out the jobs section and you can post your CV for free as well.
It will get you more reviews than here on the public forum.

Happy searching!

Thank you

No worries  :top:

Hi Arthur,
I would stay where you are, as I've said before on this forum unless you speak perfect dutch and French and have certificates of courses you have done relating to your type of work, you will not get  a job .Here. I have been here 5 years looking for a job and only now finally I have got a apprenticeship now. because of the enconomic situation in Europe it is impossible to get a job, benefits are hard to come by. even certain agencies have told me that they only keep your cv for a month and if you don't go back in, it gets chucked in the bin. I am british and you would've thought that would count for something it doesn't. the only thing I can suggest to anyone 1st, is get a job before you come over and make sure its vast not week by week which tends to be over here. and also study dutch or French because that is the only way into the job market here. if you decide to come over here. good luck job hunting.

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