Law of Attraction around a cup of coffee?

Is anyone out there interested in Law of Attraction? I think it is great and I would really enjoy sitting around with a group of people chatting about it over coffee. Welcome

Welcome to Expat :)
Wish you find good friends over here.

You welcome to Expat  :top:

Thank you for the message  :)

You more than welcome, I heard you say you have been here since 7 years so I think you know more about the Egyptian's cultures and you can mix easy with them and I think you can speak the arabic Egyptian now better than me 😂😂

No I love Arabic but I am lazy and I prefer not to know what people are saying around me. You are in Cairo or Texas?

I finished my flight courses and am now in Cairo

How long were you in the US and did you like it there?

I stayed there for about 1 year and half and I visited about 8 or 9 states but I like Texas coz I had a part of my family in San Antonio and also I like Panama city Florida coz most of my friends there and USA as any country have the good ppl and bad ppl amd clean areas and the opposite but as general it's nice and I will plan to go at the near future
So tell me plz who you find Egypt? And how you find the ppl here ? And at which field you are working?  And do you feel safe and secured here more than your country? Or its the same ?

Egypt is Egypt. Wonderful and impossible. I learned everything about life here, but I am really looking forward to finding work outside in Asia soon. I have been an English instructor and trainer for 20 years. But really I would love to create my own centre with Law of Attraction principles in a beautiful place in India or Indonesia. Do you have any dreams?

Off course I have many dreams 😃 but one of them is to go around the world  amd meet ppl from different cultures and tong and the other one is to go back for my friends at Santa Antonio again

Hello ! :cheers:

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@Canadian Trainer: I am a big fan of Law of attraction btw and strongly believe in its theory  :D 

Best regards :top:


Isn't law of attraction the core concept of "The secrete"?
Have you tried it before?
I'd love to know othee people's experience on that
Where in Canada are you from?
I lived in Alberta for a while

Thanks for your advice about how to use this site.

The Secret is a collection of many teachers of Law of Attraction; however the most profound teacher is Abraham-Hicks which at the last minute was actually taken out of this movie because the 2 were not totally compatible. Esther Hicks is amazing. Perhaps you would like her. Good luck

I haven't seen the movie but read the first chapter didn't go further

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