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Hi , i am working in oman now on leave from 5th april 2016, I have another job offer from kuwaith, but to join that new company, i should cancel my old visa, old visa date up to 2017 march . I can't wait that long. otherwise I loose my new job offer. So i am planning to cancel my old visa from Oman embassy in India, so that my new employer can give me new visa. I just wanted to ask is it possible legal or is there any other solution in this. whether my old visa cancel automatically after completing 6 months. please guide me ....for my good future.

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Can i get the details of above question

subashthayyil :

Can i get the details of above question

Hi subashthayyil,

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Hi Faisal A1 +🚑,

You are away on vacation from 5th April 2016 ? For 3 months ?? I do not understand. How can that be possible ?

You cannot cancel your employment visa through any embassy, anywhere.

You would have to get your employment visa stamp in your passport cancelled at the airport, while you exit from Muscat.

With that copy, your company PRO would go to the required ministries and officially get your employment documents officially cancelled. Until and unless the employment visa gets cancelled in this fashion, it would be considered as valid only.

Now, if you abscond - i.e., take up another job anywhere else within the GCC, you could be marked as an 'offender'. And if your employer wants to create trouble for you, then they can.

I have written a lot n this subject in the forum. Please do a site search, locate and read them for all the information you would need.

Good luck.

Thank You Sir your quick response

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