Bringing wooden aretwork, animal sculptures, African wood art.


We are moving to Hanoi soon. I was wondering if there is any difficulty bringing artwork, made from wood. into Vietnam. Eg. animal carvings, masks, painted wood etc...

Thanks, Kimberley

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This is personal home possessions. Artwork for my home, not for sale. I wanted to know if we can bring wooden items into Vietnam in our luggage or personal household shipment.


Just FYI for anyone with the same query. The Vietnamese embassy here in Abuja has told me wood artwork, carvings etc are OK to bring with you for personal use, home.

Hi Alice!
We, also, are new here in Hanoi. And yes, it is possible to ship wooden household furnishings/decor/art.. For personal use.
Though our container is still somewhere in between bahrain to hanoi.. The logistic company from bahrain and their counterpart in Vietnam assured us that all existing personal household furnishings etc... Is ok! And non-taxable.
Hope u are doing ok with the move.

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