Looking for Housesitting/Caretaker Couple in Paradise

What is your situation in Boquete now? Or your friends situation?  Too difficult to send fotos on expat.com....Give me yur ph. # and I will whatsapp them to you.......or email address.....I need somebody asap as I am ready to go........

Seems that the bushbabies are not really serious either........I prefer to deal with people who understand the importance of communication........

So sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We had a situation to take care of.

Would you have to be a citizen of Panama to work in Panama? or are you allowed to work for cash ?

good day are you stilll look for someone?

Yes, I am.....But I would have to know more about you......

I am from Jamaica,i am 28 next month is my birthday. What do you want to know just send the questions and i will answer. Thanks in advance.

JFM1 is my account. At this time, I am no longer looking for a caretaker as this position has been filled. Thank you for your interest. Good luck.

Could you please stop replying to my inquiries  written to my post? You have been responding to my posts for months and I ask you politely to please stop. You need to start your own post in your own name. Thank you in advance. JFM1


  We are a loving, caring young family moving to Panama in the next 6-12 months.  I am a Journeyman Millwright that enjoys repairing, rebuilding or building from the ground up, while my wife is a earth loving former hippy who lives her life around gardening, gourmet dishes from fresh produce and minimizing our impact on the environment.

  I will be moving first (to locate suitable living arrangments as we will have our 10 year old daughter moving with us) in March with my lovely ladies moving once the school year ends.  We are planning on homeschooling our daughter and continue to operate and expand our internet based retail business.

  Living with / working for yourself would be a mutual benifit.  Myself being as mechanical as i am and loving to do home reno's and yard maintenance and my wifes strong earthy background combined with her love for growing her own food and being somewhat of a neat freak would make for a safe and comfortable peace of mind for yourself and your property.  You being able to offer comfortable accomidations along with a wage would provide us with the location and lifestyle we are searching for.

  Thanks fir taking the time to read our initial communication, if you wish to speak further i can provide pictures and references to back up the kind of people we are and the credentials we come along with...  my wife is also practices Reiki, has health Canada training and expeeience in home and hospice care (over 9 years with Health Canada and 3 years sole propriator).



Thanks, perhaps I misread the post.  If everything else I spoke about sounds good to you perhaps you would like to talk about striking up a deal for March.  I would be interested in chatting more about the likelihood of a mutual agreement that works for both.

You can whatsapp me at ***

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I have politely asked you to stop responding to my original post. It confuses communications.  You  are also  not offering the same things I am. I also do not appreciate your, at times, abrupt form of communications. Please write your own post.  Thank you.

This position has now been filled so perhaps it's time to lock this thread.

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