Looking for a live in Filipina maid in Panama

My wife and I are looking for a Filipina maid to live in. We live in Punta Paitilla.

I am a dual citizen from USA and Panama and my wife is from Panama. I am a professional and my wife is too. I grew up in Manila and we visited Manila last year. My wife would really like a Filipina maid to live in our condo in Punta Paitilla. I would appreciate it if a Filipina in Panama could refer a Filipina maid for us. I speak English, Spanish and Tagalog, since I grew up in Manila.

Hi eliguh,

I invite you to post an ad in the housemaid jobs in Panama section.

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I'm sure you have done your research. To hire a full time maid, you have several obligations. Vacation, Sick Leave, Social Security. Also you will have a medical responsibility for her as well. Please contact a GOOD attorney before hiring and they can draw up a contract spelling out your responsibilities. I know someone who didn't go through an attorney and their maid got pregnant and they had to pay for delivery and the education of that child. (they ended up having to leave the country to avoid a lifetime commitment) If you go through an attorney he or she will draw up the paperwork in their language for her to sign and agree upon. You probably already know this, but just in case wanted to give you a heads-up. The laws here change almost daily with regards to hired up. 

I too, was going to have a live-in maid. But after looking at all the facts. I have 2 that split their time 4 days a week. No responsibility. Even though I do lots of little things for them over and above their $20. a day. And we like being alone at night and every other day. Just something to think about..Good luck,,,...

Good day! I read you message in Expat.com and your looking for maid in Panama.I am Renalyn Diel ,32 years old from Philippines.As of now im here in Abudhabi UAE. This is my contact number +971563208941 and this is my skype ID reina.diel and we can talk through skype.thank you and i hope you will reply soon

i just arrived here last July 5 and will be leaving on the 31st. I am a nanny to a Canadian family. I have been with them for 3 years in Qatar and we will be moving to Saudi Arabia soon.
I met some Filipinos and would like to recommend somebody who's been here for 19 years..
Send me a PM if interested and i will give you her name and contact details.


Hi MIng,

My wife and I are looking for a Filipina maid to work for us in Punta Paitilla, Panama. We are paying $400/Month, with 3 paid weeks of vacation per year. We live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo, with separate maids room and bathroom. The maids room includes a color cable TV. The days off are weekly from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning. We are an easy couple to work for. I grew up in Manila and took my wife there last year. She fell in love with the people and the house help. So if you could recommend someone we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. My contact number is 6948-9699 and my e-mail is gh4491[at]gmail.com. I would be very grateful if you could help us out.

hi eliguh,
what happen to the people i recommended to you? i am now in Manila on vacation.

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