English speaking community in Ploiesti?

Hi - Because expat doesn't have a Ploiesti community I am writing here.

Is there an English speaking community in Ploiesti? Eng speaking schools or teachers?

I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you... - J

Hi biz man,
I am not aware of any 'communities' as such, although there are many English speakers and expats in Ploiesti.
I myself (an engineer and teacher), am in Campina.
As for English speaking schools, most of them are in Bucharest, and follow the UK national curriculum. You will find that many teachers speak English (although many will say they don't because they don't want to!). The best way to find these, are to ask people you know, as they generally do not advertise.

I hope this helps a little?
Good luck with the search, and if I can be of any more help, please ask!

Best regards, Mark.

Hello I think English teacher in ploiesti is impossible to have but some foreigners from other countries live in ploiesti and they can speak English as their 2nd language.

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