New in here

Hi guys,

I'm a newbie here, I'm Indonesian (31 years old) and i've been living in Bucharest, Romania since 2006.
I'm importing Indonesian handicrafts & wicker Furniture.
I'm hoping to meet friends from all around the world.
so don't be stranger..:P

Welcome on board Celest!

What do you like the most in Bucharest?

(I move the discussion to the Bucharest forum)

Thank you .. :)'s kinda hard to answer, it's such a busy town.
Herastrau park it's nice though.
I prefer brasov than bucharest, it's got a beautiful park and sometimes there're some people play jazz music in the middle of the park, very nice place.
Have you been to Romania before ?

Not at the moment, but we never now :)

(I am living in Mauritius, a small island near Madagascar)

Wow..that's a nice place, the beach are beautiful over there.
How long have you been staying there?
How's the life over there? Is it expensive? What is the famous food there?
In romania we have sarmale, zacusca, and salata de vinete.

beautiful beach indeed, we have really nice week ends here :)

I've been here for a couple of years now, I don't know when I'll leave. I've got a huge amount of work but I really enjoy the island.

There are plenty of specialties and cultures here, Mauritius is a mix of Indian, creole, chinese and european culture :)

Merry welcome :)

That's cool..
Wish i could visit mauritius someday..;)
Thank's NicoleB..:D

Hi celestial.. my name ia yana. I also come from Indonesia and I am married..
Me anf my husband just move to Bucharest few days ago. To be honest Bit lost here... would really love to meet new friends... btw how is the life here?  Is there lots of indonesian living here?

Sorry.. I mean celeste.. my phone change the name with outo correct..

Hello Yanauno and welcome on board

For info, this thread has been created in 2009 and Celest has been inactive on the forum for long. You may not get any response.

I suggest you to participate on threads on the Networking in Bucharest section of the forum if you want to meet up with other expats around.


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