born in Ukraine want to get ukrainian citizenship

Hi everyone,
I was born in Ukraine, on 1992. but I left Ukraine when I was too young.
Now, I am living in Palestine, and I want to get the Ukrainian citizenship and I have Ukrainian birth certificate. Can I get the citizenship? and what are the requirements and steps I should do?

Hi! My wife's  parents born in Ukraine just  base on that she is in line  for Ukrainian citizenship in 2 years ,I assume your birth certificate pretty good reason to get what you want,  for now she has permit to live in Ukraine for good ,only one problem for her  Ukraine do not recognize dual citizenship, good luck!

so, how can apply for ukrainian citizenship? I want a steps i can follow please

Do you want to renounce your Palestinian citizenship or you just need permanent residence in Ukraine?

Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship at all?
If so, I want to get a permanent residence in Ukraine.

Ukrainian does not allow dual citizenship.
As of now, you can apply for permanent residence after obtaining an immigration permit. At the same time you can get the immigration permit by proving you have Ukrainian heritage (Ukrainian ethnic origin).

The immigration permit is issued within one year after all documents have been submitted. Then you can apply for permanent residence that is issued within 7 days after applying. But first you need to prove your Ukrainian heritage and get a certificate of foreign Ukrainian that is issued within 90 days. So the full time schedule is about 15 months and one week. Ukrainian ethnic origin may be proved by relevant documents, testimonies of Ukrainians, foreign Ukrainians or organizations of foreign Ukrainians.

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