Fined, expelled, banned for 3 years. Overstaying isn't recommended

Those who overstayed in Ukraine and wonder what to do now and what to expect on the border must find this post of their interest. No rumors, no silly advice, just pure law.

A warning or UAH 510 to UAH 850 fine is imposed on a foreigner overstayed in Ukrain­e (art. 203 of the Administrative Offenc­e Code of Ukraine).

Moreover, any violation of immigration a­nd visa legislation is a legal ground fo­r authorities to expel from Ukraine (art­. 26 of the Law of Ukraine On the Legal ­Status of Foreigners and Stateless perso­ns). If such a decision is made, then th­e foreigner is given 30 calendar days fo­r leaving the country. The authorities c­an also decide to ban the foreigner from­ re-entering Ukraine within 3 years.

P.S. Giving or offering a bribe imposes ­the following liability: fine UAH 8500 t­o UAH 12750, limitation freedom or impri­sonment from 2 to 4 years (art. 369 of t­he Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The law is the law !! USA has similar laws !!

Yes the US has laws like that. Unfortunately they're pretty poor in enorcing them.  If they were good at enforcing these laws we would not have so many illegal immigrants here.

Hi,  thanks for your post.  I've been coming in and out of Ukraine since  2010, always calculating carefully beginning and end of 180 day periods.  In summer of 2015 border service changed how they calculate so when I left in January 2016, they told me I had stayed  93 days and  first time wouldn't be fined.  This has really confused me about calculating days.  I have  two questions:
1. Can someone explain the new process?
2. Is there still beginnings and ends to 180 day periods?

Thanks in advance for your help

Now they simply calculate 90 days from your last day in Ukraine.

I don't understand what can be the problem about counting days.
Just count 1, 2, 3 …… 180 (including the first and the last in your count)

Hi Greykyiv, Thanks for your Explanation. These are the rules. If someone overstayed, Could you able to provide solution?

I've lived here 5 times and over stayed 4 times for over a year each time and only 3 of those times I had to pay 800 uah. Actually the last time I talked my way out of paying by saying I had no money. You really have this problem if your flying in and out of the Country. I have friends that regularly over stay and just take either a train or bus to Poland for a few days then come back in with no problem.

I know they can kick you out for 3 years, but have never heard of one instance. I think that would only happen if you are a menace to society / causing trouble, etc.

Hi cstoddard, Thank you.  Currently, Are you in Ukraine? Where are you from? There are lot of persons are overstaying. As you said, you were fined 800 uah and how did you come again to Ukraine? They did not deport you 3 years.

And if your friends overstayed they how did they get Visa to Poland? there is no Immigration Check up?

How to solve this issues without deporting from Ukraine?
Do you have any ideas or solution?

Yes I live in Kyiv and my friends are both Americans and British so they don't need a Visa to enter Poland. Yes there is border control but it's more relaxed than Borispol the airport where they are sitting in front of a computer and scan your passport.

To Wileyc12--It would also cut down on illegals if there weren't so many ******in the US who (pretty much with impunity) break the law by hiring illegals and paying them **** to work, e.g. as housekeepers, nannies, and in sweatshops.

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For those of you who have to experience this situation, I feel for you.  Being married to a Ukrainian Citizen and following the law and doing my Visa D, 1 year temporary, 2nd year temporary and then the permanent resident, was a whole lot easier  than going through the process to get my wife her U.S. Resident Visa.

But either way, we go back and forth and do not worry.  Follow the process.

I got married to a Ukrainian back in 2000 in Zaporozia. I went through hell getting getting her the Spousal Visa because Kyiv didn't do it, we had to go to Warsaw, Poland. I never thought about getting a residency back then. So been divorced after 8 years. Living 6 yrs total, 1 year in Prague Czech republic.

For that I am glad I stayed here when I arrived.  My wife made sure I had everything correct and had all of the proper documents.  I had all of my documents in order and in time received my permanent resident.  You can never know for sure if you intend to stay or go.  She made it possible for me to enjoy my life with her.

For anybody who is currently overstaying please bear in mind that when you leave the territory of Ukraine you could be banned from re-entering for life.
They will give you a fine but it is completely up to the senior border crossing officer what happens to you. I was told if you have overstayed before you will get a ban. That ban depends  on how long you have overstayed and how many times you overstayed. They aren't bothered if you are married or have a family in Ukraine they will ban you from re-entering the country if you have broken the law.
Don't forget this is no longer a simple rule it is the law.

I have heard of this "ban" which is now part of the Law, but I know of 3 individuals who have overstayed by more than a year recently and were only given a fine of 800 uah plus tax which I think they said it came to around 840 or 847 uah. Of course you never know what will happen so it is best to do everything the legal way. I know GreyKyiv (a commentor on here) personally and he can provide you with the best legal advice. He is also a great guy :)

Greykyiv is a trusted person.  One of the few attorneys I trust, and his advice is sincere.

Hello!! Since your post is from 2016, I would like to know if the fine has increased or if there is a new regulation/law for overstaying in Ukraine. I am a foreigner that had a visa for 1.5 months, I am currently overstaying more than 1 year. How much will I have to pay? Can I be detained or interrogated at the moment of leaving through Boryspil? Any suggestions/advice? Thanks in advance...

If you are leaving by Boryspil you can expect a more harsh penalty than leaving by a land border crossing like Poland or Slovakia, when I crossed last year via a land border I was fined 880 UAH but that was all, no other endorsments and I can come and go every 90 days as I wish, however my wife has told me of two other people she knows who overstayed by about 12 - 18 months one had a 2000UAH fine plus 18 months ban and the other had an 880UAH plus three years ban, last time I traveled via Zhulyani airport back to the UK the guy next to me on the aircraft was in tears because he had overstayed by about 2 years and they banned him from reentering the territory of Ukraine for 5 years, so I guess it depends on the border officials at the time. I think I can safely say you will definitely get a fine and you will be asked where you have been all the time, did you work etc etc, at the end of the day they are only doing their job.

UkrAl, thanks a lot for your reply. Best wishes!!

Hey I came out from Ukraine in 2014 when there was war I had no money with me just managed to get flight ticket wen I reached the airport they asked for 100$ dollars and I didn't pay they banned me for 5 years and I still have my documents in Lugansk I want to go back n collect them what should I do

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