gun laws for foreigners

Hi, can anyone give me some accurate information on - gun laws for foreigners in Ukraine.

We are buying a home in a village, and I would like to do some hunting, perhaps a shotgun for duck and rabbit, and maybe if the law allows it a rifle for deer.
While I'm asking what about hand guns for home protection.

I have asked a few Ukrainian friends but they only "think" don't really know for sure.
I tried to ask at the city police but the officer on the desk did not speak English and my Russian/Ukrainian is good enough to be sure of the facts on such an important issue

Thanks in advance

i can't give you a straight answer but you can take a look on this article in Ukrainian language. i will ask for a full answer soon. … ovorennia/

My wife is Ukrainian and doesnt know exactly,but thinks foreigners aren't allowed to have guns there. Many times even the police dont know and a foreigner going into a police station asking about guns may get you detained and a big hassle.  You'll certainly be under suspicion and they wont understand why you want a gun in the first place.  They dont have a gun culture like in the US.  99% of people there act like they are very surprised and a bit disturbed when I say I own guns in America and have them  in the house. They always ask why do you have a gun, for what?  They just cant understand why you would want one, especially if you say it's for protection.

I would say hire a translator,THEN go to the police station so there is no misunderstanding.

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