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My name is Maria. I live in Latvia (Riga) and currently looking for a possibility to change my living place. Why I choose Malta? Since I have worked 5 years in igaming in Riga and I know that the are several gaming companies in Malta. Maybe someone knows contacts of these companies? Or someone heard about any Customer Support (English, Latvian, Russian) positions?

Thank you in advance.

Almost every online gaming/betting company is looking for CS agents.
Either you google the 200+ companies and check their vacancies section or you send your CV to the respective recruiting companies like pentasia, betting connections, castile, quad consult etc.

You can also google "latvian speaking malta" or "russian speaking malta" and follow the links. Since you have 5 years experience in this sector you should fing a job within a few days  :)

Dear matm911,

thank you for an advice. The most problem is that I'm in Riga currently. Seems that companies would not like to wait for me.  :)  Most probable I should go to Malta and only after that try to find a job.

Thank you anyway.

If companies are desperately searching for specific languages (maybe Latvian, English and Russian for sure not), they offer job interviews via Skype and relocation packages (flight, hotel accommodation, transport etc.) - they are waiting for you  :)

It's always easier to apply once you are in Malta. If your skills/experience fit the requirements, you can start within a few days resp. when the next training session is scheduled.

Sound very optimistic.   :)

Hi Maria, as already mentioned recruitment agencies specialised in iGaming are your best chance and it should be easy to find a job through them. Try Good luck!

Hi Maria,
Since I'm looking for jobs myself I came across one on  betfair: … king-14581

All the best


thank you very much! I have found a job. =) Wow!
Next step: accommodation.=( Any advice?

For the beginning something next to your work place. Can be a hotel for a few weeks. Do not start with any long term rent, since things usually turn out to be much different once you are here :-)

Thank you for your advise. =)

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