The tales of an English teacher in Vietnam

Share your experiences of being an English teacher in Vietnam.
The great times, the not so great times and the interesting times.

Students appear to be much more motivated but also being driven too hard and by folks who worship grammar.

Honesty or the lack thereof by language centers seems to be a major issue, but YMMV.

Not paying the salary seems to be quite common? One manager sent an e-mail, quoting "a lawyer-friend". Apparently, after non-payment for "2 months", it will be up to her whether she will pay anything at all.

Really? I am sorry about that. I am Vietnamese. I am so sorry.

I have found that there are too many trying to teach English when they cannot even speak proper English.

yes, that's right


I am doing some teaching, and the hardest part (by far) is the pronunciation. So embarrassing when the Vietnamese person organising the classes cannot be understood. I find many believe that they are speaking really high level  English, but in fact can barely be understood because of poor pronunciation, not finishing words and generally muddling vowel sounds.

A bit of an uphill struggle, but learners very keen.

Many language centres are owned and run by money hungry couples,who have a tendency to short change employess whenever they can

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