Extending exit reentry of dependents

The process is quite easy actually.. 
1) online application
This you must apply atleast two weeks before the expiry of exit reentry. In there is an option for extending exit reentry visa in visa services for residents.
Apply like you apply for visiting visa, print it out and get it attested from chamber of Commerce... Check status online.  First it will be showing status as recieved at chamber. Once approved from mofa you just need to print it and send it to the embassy in your country to get the visa stamped...this should be done after visa is expired ie the stamping process.  This is the easiest way and the latest way but it is not working anymore..Even the mofa guys are not sure about it but in saudi Arabia each has different experience. My friend got it approved like this for his daughter and she did come back to Saudi. So I tried the same way but mine the status never changed from Riyadh chamber.. It was always showing Riyadh chamber for two weeks and my wife's reentry was expiring soon.  So I went to mofa with the online application form... I told them that I had applied two weeks before online for extension of exit reentry for dependents and still the status online was Riyadh chamber and not yet approved or rejected by mofa... He gave me a print out which the second method of applying.... The print out he gave was a format in which the company should write the letter to the Saudi embassy in your country, and the requirements in it where that the period of stay should not have exceeded more than 7 months and that the iqama should have validity. You also need print out from jawazaat for you and all the dependents (I think it's a muqeem print out,  your company HR will know what and how to get it ) to verify the validity of iqamas and visa, finally everyone's renewed iqama copies and your passport copy ..
So make sure you guys send the following to the Saudi embassy of your country to get the visa stamped after expiry
1) company letter with attestation from chamber of Commerce and mofa (if you guys are in riyadh just go to the chamber of Commerce in exit 10, after getting attested from chamber just go to ground floor, there is a small  mofa office from you can get mofa stamp also but make sure you have your original iqama with you as they verify coz the letter from your company will be having your iqama info ).
2)print out from jawazaat (yours and dependents ) 
3) iqama copies
4)your passport copy
5) original passports of applicants (of course)

This is a two day job... Not hectic..
If anyone could correct me or had done in any other way please share.. 14-06-2016

my wife exit re entry visa expired 6/6/2016. She couldn't travel becoz doctors strictly advised her not to travel due to some serious medical issues. Her iqama is valid up to 07/01/2017. I m trying my best to extend her re entry visa and get her down to Saudi. But still could not do. I have all documents muqeem and doctors letter attested, sponsor letter etc.  Saudi MOFA telling Send all documents to Embassy in your country they must do. Embassy in my country telling MOFA in Saudi should activate in the system. Im hopeless. If u can help some one had done ..PLEASE guide me the correct path. Thnx. Ahamed frm Dammam

What are they saying should be activated in the mofa system??

I think it's too late now. The process must have started before exit re-entry expiry. Nevertheless, please follow the procedure as @Naveed explained in details.

Many thanks for the write-up.
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lol @legends...

Dont worry @ahmed, the process of exit rentry extension starts after the expiry of the visa and it can be done until the iqama expires (atleast a month before).

I myself have got it done.

Hi there
you can extend up to one month after the expiry date of your visa

Hi Dear
I would like to know about exit re entry extension visa. I got an extension on MOFA website. It display 14  days and 30 days. I dont know 14 days from issue days or thirty days from extension. Some one told me 14 days from issue date. How it can be stamp in 14 days.

Kindly let me know abou this.

khalid Nadeem  can u please tell me  how u process exit re entry extension visa  from MOFA website.

Woul you please share with me the required procedure for extending expired re-entry visa for my family.

Would anybody please share here what is the latest way to get the extension?
I have also applied through MOFA site today for exit reentry extension.
And I am not sure about the full process.

Is there any fees need to pay? And if needed then how?

But in MOFA it says the for if for "EXPIRED" exit re entry extension.
Does it still require to apply for the extension before the ERE expiry?

has anybody succeeded to extend exit re-entry visa through any bank online?
all banks now has an option under alien control as "extend exit re-entry visa".
I have tried but it is asking for 10 digits exit re-entry visa number whereas it is of digits.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for Information. I have done same worked for my family, as my wife and son exit re entry expired. I got 2 papers from Jawazat(Print out and second muqeem stamped by jawazat) Also i got COC on company letter mentioned requesting saudi embassy in khi for extend exit re entry visa.

My question: Do i need to attest any of the documents from ministry of foreign affairs same at ground floor that you mentioned. OR is it ok what I have done above.

Please reply me at earliest.



Can you please share details or agent through which you had your dependent exit/re-entry done after expiry.

Dear did you tried?
How was your experience .
Me also in same boat

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Hi faraz,
Hope things are good at your side. And your family is here with you..
Actually my wife is pregnant, and had a fracture in her hand.
she is in India.
Exit re entry is expiring on 13th Dec.
Iqama is valid for another 10 months..

I want to extend her exit re entry visa for another 6 months.. How can I do. Please guude/explain me the recent procedure.

Are you sure?? My wife's iqama will Expire in march 2018. But her exit re-entry expired 22th December 2017. Can it be extended? Please help me. *** WhatsApp

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For how many months can we extend exit reentry visa for dependent.  Suppose visa expires on 10 Feb 18 and iqama is valid till June 18.

Max one month only. Not more than that

Hi to All. i apply for extend exit reentry visa before 25 days. i submit all document related to request for extend exit reentry visa in olaya office and aslo i apply online on mofa web site  and attested all with chamber of commerce and  submit in olaya office next day i get message on my mobile with application no. they told me that after two weeks you check on mofa it is excepted. but not yet excepted then i visit to olaya again ask them why it is not excepted yet they check in the system and they give me one paper that paper is mentioned that it is in under process and told me go to ministry of interior show this paper to them and i visit to ministry of interior last week they told me wait for one week you will receive a message that extend exit reentry is excepted but nothing happen. today i visit again to ministry of interior with our company saudi Representative they told us that system is closed when system is open then you will come and you will receive a message on mobile I ask them when system will open they told us it is upto our mudeer we don't know you need to wait, CAN YOU UPDATE ME THAT ANYONE GET EXTENSION OF EXIT REENTY VISA FROM LAST 20 DAY. I WANT TO CONFIRM THAT THEY TOLD ME TRUTH OR WRONG INFORMATION.


after expiry your exit reentry visa and you can can apply for extend your exit reentry visa request but your iqama must be valid and when you apply for extend exit reentry visa after that mofa will except then you need to again extension visa that mofa excepted you need to send to your country and submit to saudi embassy in your country and this visa is only for 15 days are 30days you must be travel.

Hi, I tried to extend exit re entry of my dependent. When it was valid.
After expiry also I tried.
In the end I cancelled the iqama after the exit re entry is expired.

Now, when they have to travel after 6-7 months. I will apply again for new visa..

Dear Fayaz,

I am facing same issue i applied for exit rentry visa extension on 18th Jan 18, every time when follow MOI and MOFA guys saying under process. how about did u got the extension or still waiting.


Assalamualaikum Brother,

My family is in India, and their exit re-entry visa is getting expiring on 7th feb 2018. Can we apply in ofa for extension before the exit entry visa is expired.

I am trying to apply, but it is showing no data found. Please help.


Hi there

How did you finally finished the extension of your exit REentry ? What was actually the problem?

Hi Fayaz,

Did you finally get your extension exit reentry ? after how long it shows the message on mofa website ?

Dear Brothers,

Did anyone succedded in extending expired exit rentry, please share your experience and latest procedure. Jazakallah khair.

Dear ..
I went to HR they gave 3 to 4 documents.
This has stamps from MOFA and CoC.  When I asked what to do to the documents .
They said send to your country directly . Nothing pending .
So I am not sure what need approval and what need waiting .
Like I asked for extension papers.  Yes they took like 10 days but he says everything is done.
2  papers from jawazat attested
1 letter from the Employer attested from MOFA  and Coc.
Haven't send to my country yet but said all done . Kindly send to your country to etimad get a stamp and bring  them back

Kindly reply what are those 3 to 4 documents.

1. Letter from emloyer stamped by COC  and MOFA with iqama  number nationality and relationship
2.malomat  an muqeem of each dependant
3.shaksiya  muqeem of each dependant

Thanks for prompt reply. Please advise as how to acquire "malomat  an muqeem of each dependant" and "shaksiya  muqeem of each dependant".

Frankly I just asked HR and they send me the documents and said now send back to your country 
I didn't expected that . I thought will ask me to go MOFA or something but they said all done.
Exact process I don't know .
First make a letter from your employer.  Attest CoC  then mofa  . Go to jawazat  get these two papers.
But I am not sure how to make it

So, Employer prepared the letters and he got it attested from CoC and MOFA. Have I understood correctly?

Yes . Actually I havent visited anywhere .
They did every thing.
I am not sure what else to do , but as per them send these back to your country and submit

Dear Naveed

could you please help me hot to collect print out from jawazat,
how you obtain Printout from Jawazat and what it is called in Arabic


did you collected print out form Jawazat ? what is the procedure to get print out
please share


sajideng :

Dear Naveed

could you please help me how to collect print out from jawazat,
how you obtain Printout from Jawazat and what it is called in Arabic

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