Extending exit reentry of dependents

1. Letter from emloyer
2.maloomat  an muqeem
3. Bayanat  al  shakhs  for each dependant

Thanks for your reply , how can I get below two items shall I print online from Muqeem or go to Jawazat
if i need to collect from Jawazat which section, Please let me know

1.  maloomat  an muqeem
2.  Bayanat  al  shakhs  for each dependant

I didn't visited.  I asked our HR and they did everything.  So ask your HR.
Hr  letter , stamped from coc  and mofa
And two letter as I stated .
If self you have to visit , not online.
Good luck

Thanks, for your immediate reply



Hi , please help for this.my family visa expired on Dec31 2017.they went to India on Sept 2017.I am going to apply to extend my exit re entry visa.i visited today two computer printouts for my family members.but when I asked to stamp on form..he didn't do.some Gros who came to that office that they told moi stamp not required and company letter is enough.can you please check and help for this.is it correct or wrong?

After extension they will extend same visa or they stamp on passport
how can we know

Please help me

Dear Sir,
My families re entry ends on 08/09/18 how can i extend that one for one month

how can i extend family re entry it will finish on 08/09/2018


Were you succeeded in extending exit re entry ?

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