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Hi Guys - Just want to confirm for Denmark Green card visa. I applied in March this year from India however still waiting for the response. The current application status is application received at the embassy. Any guess how much time it usually takes?

They say 6-12 months , mine is already 9 months still waiting, i had an interview on 12 september, some people gets their GC even in 2 months, i can't understand why processing time vary so much

Thanks for replying. It's been 3 months to me now however still waiting for response. Fingers crossed :)

Two of my friends with same document as mine got their GC in 4 months time, I think it also depends on counsellor

I've applied three months ago and still no response

you will probably get within 6 months if everything goes fine...

If they need more docs they would have contacted you before 3 months

I have applied on 3rd  March 16.

Got a mail for additional docs on 18th May(additional docs submtd on 2nd June).

Status "received at embassy".

Waiting...!! :sleep

It has been 9 months for me and the status says under process since last  2 months, before that the status was received at embassy

could you please tell me where can I find my updated status ?? thanks :)

You can track ur application on vfs Denmark website

Any news ?? I also have applied in March and they asked for additional documents one month ago (July) regarding a local problem in my qualification> Please keep me updated with your status, good luck :)

Anyone got greencard, who applied from March 2016??

Hi, I'm still waiting for the response from embassy. When I called at embassy at Denmark, they told to wait for 3 months once you submit all documents. In case they ask for additional documents, they will consider again 3 month from the day they received your new document.


I applied in March sent required documents in July and I'm still waiting

I have applied on 3rd  March 16.

Got a mail for additional docs on 18th May(additional docs submtd on 2nd June).

Got A mail to submit passport on 12th Sep

Passport Submitted on 13th Sep

Got Passport with stamping on 16th Sep

Hi Everyone.

I have applied for a green card on the 15th of July 2015 ( yes, 15 month ago).

After several letters and new documents demands, resend of english certificates, appeals and examination of my education, I have solved all and I have at least 110 points, so there is not more excuses for saying no. But still no answer.

Other thing: is it normal that the authorities send you some correspondence to your country's  home address, other to the Denmark's legal address you have given to authorities (I have applied in Denmark with a tourist visa) and other times you have to call and they tell you that "we have lost your address" (more than twice)?

Does any have experience something like that or knows a case similar?

Thank you

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