Expand your social circle in Puerto Rico

Still tempted, but I think I'll have family obligations this Sunday.   I'll check.  Sounds like a fun time.

How long have you been in PR? What are your thoughts thus far?

I went out with an agent on Tuesday. I love Condado but, spending everything on 800sq ft, no view, and likely limited sunshine is not why Im planning a move.

Lgustaf, I too am from Atlanta.  If you or anyone else have suggestions for locations that will give me town, action, active living AND a fab comfy living space for less than the Condado and IV options, I will go check them out while here.

Thx for sharing your story as well.

Have you considered Luquillo, Rio Grade or Fajardo?
Nice places, reasonable prices, may have to travel to San Juan for Night life. But fairly safe much better larger spaces at reasonable price. Some stuff walking distance but not like Condado by a long shot. All beach towns

Hmmm. OK. Then I shall research this evening. Keep you posted. As're awesome! Thanks!!!

IV can be a bit of a zoo with all the tourists but there are plenty of short term furnished condos for rent. Maybe consider landing there first as a base of operations while exploring your more long term living options.

Exactly.  Now that I'm here, I definitely see the reasoning behind that.  Thanks!

Ocean Park and Punta Las Marias are also pretty nice places you may want to check out.

We've just found this group and I'm so excited!! We are in LOVE with PR! I'm joining the newcomers club and hope to be able to socialize a bit when we are on the island. We will be spending thanksgiving looking at property and neighborhoods. We are looking at Fajardo (but are really not heart-set on any particular location)-any comments? It seems most folks here are located in San Juan or on the western side of the island.

There are some people here active in the east coast, around Fajardo. Which by the way is an excellent place if you want to go island hopping, scuba, snorkeling or just want several dead calm sea swimming beaches. Plenty of marinas if you have or are purchasing a boat.

I have a property in Ceiba, Sugarbird lives in Fajardo, Frockrock has a place in Humacao, Meledezki has a place in Rio Grande, Johnnyhulk has a place in Luquillo. These are active members, there are others living in Fajardo but I have not seen them in the forum in a few months. They all can tell you what is like in the east side of the island. There are not as many mainlanders in the east coast but there are plenty and you are fairly close to the metro area and main airport. By the way sugarbird spends more time in a boat than in drylands, right now she is sailing around many caribean islands.

Welcome to the island, let me know if you need any help.

Wow!! Super!! Thanks ReyP!
All of these are reasons we are looking at the east coast. We stayed at a small B&B in Luquillo, hiked El Yunke (sp?) and sailed/kayaked from Fajardo for our honeymoon - we mostly went to local restaurants and spent quite a bit of time in the neighborhoods. We're completely in love! Maybe we can put together a meeting for coffee with those folks when we are there!  :D

Welcome, BayAreaTexan! First luncheon for the fall for newcomers is in Luquillo on Wed Aug 31... Hope you can join us!

We will be headed down for the week of Thanksgiving to look at property and neighborhoods. Hopefully there will be something planned, or we can put something together. We would really love to meet y'all and have tons of questions about the area!!

Are you looking for rental or purchase and what is the target move date?
I ask because I have a good realtor that may make thing easier for you and also brief you about the comunities and what is there. If interested let me know.
Besides Susann new comers group, also find those peopleI told you about and send them a message.

When I was looking I orginized a get together and about 5 couples showed up to talk, grab something to eat and advice me. If was also a lot of fun not just informative

By the way we have at least 3 couples from texas in the forum but mostly in the north west of the island.

Welcome! I live in the coastal mountains near Ceiba and I'm in Fajardo all the time, it's ok but nothing special.  The East Coast is pretty relaxed, easy to maneuver around and nowhere near as congested as SJ metro. I'm retired so I can pick and choose to my encounters with SJ. It's also quite a bit cooler outside of SJ. (less concrete and pavement)

The southern half of the Island has a totally different climate. Dry, brushy and hotter. The Northwest Coast (Rincon, Aguadilla, Isabela) is nice but the Autopistas ends at Arecibo, you're still 40 mi. out on a 4 lane highway with signal lights. No fun on weekends or rush hour.

No matter where you select, try to gain as much elevation as you can. There's generally a breeze washing over the Island but if you're to low you won't get much of it. I haven't used AC in over 3 years.

Good luck,

We are debating about exactly what our plan/timeline is!! Depending on the market, we may rent first, but I think we would prefer to buy. We will probably make a few trips down before we decide where we will settle. Right now we are looking at Luquillo, Fajardo, Cieba, etc.
I would love to get the info for your realtor, perhaps we can meet when we are there and look at some properties-I read BrianTX's story and I don't want to get involved with a "bad Carlos"!!!
I will get in touch with the folks you mentioned and as the time moves nearer our trip, I'll work on a get-together! If you're around we would love to meet you!

BrianTX mentioned the Good Carlos also, that is the one I was going to give you, he is a friend of mine. He sold BrianTX the property and he got a good deal.

Heard about a square dancing club in Rio Piedras. Next dance is August 15

We are definitely interested in getting to know Good Carlos!!  :gloria
He sounds very intelligent, professional, and knowledgeable!

BayAreaTexan :

We are definitely interested in getting to know Good Carlos!!  :gloria
He sounds very intelligent, professional, and knowledgeable!

Check for private message I sent you.

frogrock :

Heard about a square dancing club in Rio Piedras. Next dance is August 15

Have not done that since I was in Tennessee, lots of fun. Also fun is line dancing in like in TX.

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