I love Puerto Rico but just feel very isolated and lonely

Hi everyone, I've lived in Guaynabo for a year now. I love Puerto Rico but just feel very isolated and lonely, more so because of my nonexistent Spanish speaking skills. I'm a social butterfly, so my inability to communicate adequately has truly affected me. Living here has been hard but rewarding all at the same and I sincerely wish I would have found this forum sooner.

People at this forum like to meet others and chat while having a drink or sharing a meal and if lucky they may invite you to their home.
Fairly close to you we have members in Santurce, condado, Old San Juan, Dorado, Luquillo, Rio Grande and Fajardo. Farther of we have members in Hatillo, Aguadilla, Aguada, Ceiba, Humacao, Cabo Rojo, Ponce and other I don't recall.

Thank you Rey.

If ok to ask, how you end up in Guaynabo? Not a common place for a mainlanders.
Check some of my posts about Fluentz for learning Spanish, dedicate at least an hour a week and you will do fine. The more time you spend and the more you repeat each lesson the better you will get at it. My wife repeats the same lesson many times until she is confortable before moving to the next one.
I speak Spanish fluently and was raised inPR but my wife is a mainlander and is learning Spanish but doing well with that course.

I am a teacher at Fort Buchanan and didn't want a long commute so I live less than 10 minutes from the base. I will have to check that out because I definitely need to learn how to speak Spanish.

Welcome to the island, hope you make good friends here and share your experiences with new members in the future.

An hour a week, Rey? Really?

Well. I don't know how busy she is, an hour a day would be much better of course.

Hi tpritty,

I am pretty new to the island too. I was born here, but lived in the US until earlier this year.

I feel you on the isolation somewhat. Although I'm Puerto Rican, I'n not an exact fit. :)
Plus, I'm an IT guy that works from home, so there are weeks I don't leave the house for day, but it's great being able to live here because of the job.

I live down the street in Bayamon if you ever want to check anything out. Yes, I'm a hermit but do pop out from time to time.

Thank you for the invite Islandman. I will definitely take you up on that offer.

Many people in Guaynabo speak English, at least that's my experience. The problem is that Guaynabo is full of gated communities and condominiums with security guards so you don't see a lot of the people out on the streets.
I'm sure there are ways to get in touch with others like social clubs, sports etc. If you don't know the newcomers club yet , here's their website:
Nevertheless learning Spanish would be a good thing, especially if you're planning to stay here.

Welcome to Puerto Rico, i'm pretty much in the same boat as you, I've been here a year now, however, I've learned a lot of Spanish since ive moved here,  The more you're immersed in the society the more Spanish you'll pick up, most people here speak English or broken English, Spanglish.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
I live in Bayamon/Guaynabo line and have for the past 10 years... in a gated urbanization.  And... I work from home most days and it can get isolating for sure.  Another way to meet people other than the Newcomers Club, which I have been a member in the past... is meetup groups in PR.  Find your interest and sign up and start to meet people.  It appears most of the groups are in English and there is a nice variety of things to do.  My profession does not demand that I speak Spanish, although after 18 years here I do... My friends, clients and activities I go to are in English.  Anybody that wants to chat in English or get some tips I am happy to help you.   Enjoy the Island!

That I believe is which has a lot of meetup activities in the mainland and some in PR. You can create your own meet ups there, you can also create some in this board.
Also check out for activities and if you participate you will meet locals and expats, likely most will speak some or fairly good English. Eco activities are also good way to meet others.

Here is a publication of things happening in the island, unfortunately it is in Spanish maybe somebody can help you with it.
In PR we love our music, dancing, our patrons and holidays, even the dog birthday is a good excuse for a party or festival.

Thanks! for your post.. I've been living in PR for about a year. 
At times, I too feel isolated because of the language barrier.

IF you ever want to grab a cup of coffee... let me know.  :)

Linda, Not sure if you are referring to me or someone else. Either way I try to meet members when I come visit to check on the property and deal with my family and friends in the island

I was replying to the initial poster BUT I  am up to meeting everyone over a cup of cafe.  :)

There you go tpritty, you got yourself another invitation.!!!!!!

Perhaps you could take a Spanish class? I did a quick Google search and found this Inlingua. I have no idea if this place is any good or not. It's in Guaynabo.

I've been living in Rosario, Argentina for more than 2 years now. Although I'm fortunate that many of the people I'm surrounded by know English, I still have felt out of the loop when I'm sitting around in conversations because they talk so fast and I can't keep up. I try to take these times to train my ear and my brain to understand the conversation without constantly translating. It gets very frustrating, but it's necessary.

I've been studying consistently since I've been here and am getting better every day, although not nearly as adept at the language as I had hoped. One of the cool things I did is take an Spanish class in the center of Rosario. That's why I posted that link above. There I met people from all over the globe and it was interesting to hear the reasons why they ended up in Rosario. And it made me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one struggling to get a grasp on a new language.

One thing that has held me back, like I mentioned earlier, is that so many people around me know English that I tend to fall back on that. Recently I've told a number of people to only speak to me in Spanish because I think that's a big reason why I'm not currently better than I am. I mention this because I suggest you embrace the new language and look at it as a challenge. Really, you are in the best position to be learning the language since you are immersed in it.

Good luck to you!

Join newcomers group! join book club on mommies and daddies playgroup on facebook! join! go to spanish class!   There are lots of ways to meet people, but it takes quite a bit of effort. message me if you need more information on any of these - I do all of them.

There is a Meetup Group called Books, Coffee and Conversation. The next meeting is December 1.  Also, you could invite some of us on this forum to a get-together.  University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras continuing education has Spanish classes.  I go square dancing on Monday evenings in Rio Piedras (I know, this is a bit funky!)

Have not done square dancing in many many years. I will likely join you when I move to PR.

That's not funky at all. I love square dancing.

I have done most of these. Spanish class at UPR, part of several meetups, book club, etc..

I meet people but most eventually leave PR (within a year) and go back to the states.

I just went to book club tonight in Condado with women from 30-70 years old, from all parts of the world, here in PR anywhere from 3 months - 21 years.  Most only speak a little spanish. everyone is welcome!

I like square dancing, too. But any kind of dancing is good. I'm all about Latin dancing. In VSJ, I can just walk out the door and there will be dancing, and I just join it. Music, dance and art are universal. You don't have to speak the language to share.

That sounds awesome! Thank you

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