Coming to Mombasa!!!

Dears, I will be visiting mombasa for my honemoon.

I am planning to stay couple of nights in old town and then at severin sea lodge.

I just want to know the transportation and the cost from Moi airport to old town and then to the lodge.

And would also like to know if I can visit the fort jesus, haller park and other staffs on my own without a tour package?

how much would it cost me?


A taxi would charge around kes.2000 to town from moi airport. unfortunately public transport into the airport is restricted unlike in nairobi's jkia though its much cheaper.
Public transport to severin sea lodge should cost less than kes. 100 per person.

Regarding visiting fort jesus, haller park and stuff i believe you don't need a tour package to enter. you can pay as a tourist  at the entrances the applicable rates which i will have to check for you.

I work at the Airport,that's Moi International Airport Mombasa...hit my inbox we chat more

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