Driving license in Kenya

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Can a foreigner take the driving test in Kenya?

What are the formalities to get a driver’s licence in Kenya?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

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Recently i got my Kenyan licence done.
Go to any driving school, pay your fees of 5000 ksh,carry copies of your Passport with Visa and carry original one, even if you are going for driving test, than also you must carry your original passport with copies. Now the driving school will book your test with Traffic Head Office and also they will give you some classes on Local driving rules and Traffic signs and then finally you have to go to Traffic Head office on scheduled date for your test, there you will give your oral test on traffic rules n signs followed by practical driving test with a traffic inspector sitting next to you. If you clear both test, you will get some signed / endorsed documents form Traffic HO, you carry those documents to driving school, and finally you will get your Intrim Driving licence valid for 3 months, which again you have to collect from driving school followed by original one which you will get in 2-3 months time.
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To get a Kenyan Driver Licence you have to present the International Driver Licence and the Licence from your Country of Origin. The procedures are easy - report with the mentioned Docs. at the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) Traffic-Section and pay for one year.


I was not having International Driving Licence but carrying my normal driving licence, may be that's why gone thru that lengthy process followed by Test - Oral n Practical.

Rohit Eleazer

It's not always as easy as papakiloalfa reports.  I use my Chadian driving license when driving in Australia, but Chad doesn't issue international licenses.

Here, after many decades of safe driving in Africa, Australia and Europe, I had to go through the whole scenario of driving lessons, practice with that nightmare of a board with roundabouts and toy cars, and driving and theory tests.  The irony is that the roundabout rules don't apply in real life and none of the Nairobi roundabouts have lane or turn markings!

I only just discovered that the original license expires after one year.  KRA does the renewals- 1 or 3 years.

If you do have an international license it and your Mauritian license would need to be officially translated into English.

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It turns out that my post was inaccurate, Harmonie.

The KRA website said they do drivers' license renewals.  Today I turned up at my local office.  "We're trying to put it closer to the people.  You'll have to go to the National Bank.  They have a special teller."

I drove across town to the bank, expecting to stand in line for an hour as is normal in most banks here.  At the information desk I asked which was the special teller.  "Any of them will do it."  Two tellers were vacant. Woohoo! I was the only customer in the bank. Eight staff members were sitting around chatting. It was quickly fixed- 3 years for 1400/-.

iam live in south africa i wnt  licance driving car  how can i get licance

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Try contacting the  Road Transport Department of Kenya, they can help you out in getting one. Following website has list of countries and under them are procedures which can help you out.

wikiprocedure.com --> Kenya

Hello everyone, does anyone have an experience of getting a motorbike liscence on an already existing driving liscence? do I have to take a separate test for this? would appreciate some feedback! thanks

The best approach would be to go to a Driving school (there are many of them eg AA,Glory etc) and indicate you already have a license.
The theory bit should be already covered if you did secure your license after going through a driving school( and not privately arranged!).Be sure to get a proper motor bike ( CC of at least 125) so that you would be able to handle bigger or smaller m bikes in future.Some D schools have some of those small China/Indian bikes which i wouldn't recommend.Another tip is to choose a DS that operates from outside the city centre as you would make maximum use of your one hr training time rather than being stuck in traffic which getting into or out of the cbd.Success.

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