Lost car logbook

What should I do, I have lost the logbook of my car. The logbook is registered under the sellers name not mine... :sosad:

Hi.the first thing you need to do is get a police abstract stating the loss of the logbook,write to NTSA requesting a duplicate logbook and attache the police abstract.If its for an individual,attache the ID copy and the PIN certificate.If for a company,attach the certificate of incorporation and the company's PIN certificate.I hope that helps

Might be a bit awkward if the vehicle is registered to someone else?

The only way is ask for sellers details or ask him to get you a duplicate logbook from NTSA then once you get it make sure you do the transfer.

how did you finally resolve this? am in similar predicament

Kindly ask the person under whose name the motor vehicle is registered to apply for a duplicate log book, with this you can effect the transfer to your name and get another logbook which is better in case of any more problems in future.

It might be important to note that if the vehicle is still under someones name you dont have any control over it since the other person can still get a loan with the car(which is yours but not on papers) and you will suffer from his actions.
let me know if you need any help.

Hope it helps.


thank you for the feedback,

unfortunately, this is a bit complicated, the vehicle belonged to diplomat and she left the country already.

secondly she cant recall her alien id card details

then she will have to do a declaration on the same that will have to be notarized, then presented to ntsa

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