From Washington, New in Strasbourg and want to make friends

Hi, I am new to Strasbourg and looking for some friends to make the time a little less lonely.
I am from the states (Washington), and moved here for the summer to learn French.
I am a college student getting my masters in International Affairs & Foreign Relations at Pennsylvania State University.
I love all sports, especially Soccer, and I love beer.
Let me know if anyone wants to get together!

Hi Rach .. I am Hosam from Egypt. I'm an English teacher coming on Saturday, July 2nd. I'm here for a training course in Pole Formation, Strasbourg. I hope to find friends here not to be alone. I'll practice English with you, and I'll teach you Arabic in reward ... lol. Just joking. I look to hear from you soon. Regards.

Hey Nice to meet you. I'm going to study in Strasbourg soon. Are you still there?

Hi ShurongLi .. nice to meet you ... unfortunately I'm not in Strasbourg now .. I left 2 weeks ago, I hoped to meet you there :) .. but I am here if you need any help dear

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