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how to convert oman driving licence to international licence?

Hi JinishPM,

International Driving License are country specific as far as I know and it is not converted from out of your existing license. Any country will issue you a Intl. Driving License based on your existing DL and for a specific period only, as in up until your stay in that country. It cannot be converted for life time for sure. If you are re-locating to any other country from Oman and need a DL you need to give normal tests as prescribed by the local laws.



I would like to add one more thing here since you've asked on how to convert OMANI LICENSE to any other country. Omani license is acceptable internationally, based on the following condition

For a short period of time, you can get a "Permit endorsement" for any specific country to drive the vehicle there with your current license. All you need to do is to visit "Oman Automotive Association", show them your Oman DLL and request them to issue you the international license book with the endorsement of that specific country. The issuing fee is OMR 2 and they'll issue a book with the required info. Your passport sized pic will also be required in the same.

thank there any office in sohar?kindly attach me where i need to contact..thanx

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