Moving to Melbourne - about salary packages?


Last week I entered into discussions with a company for a position as a Sr Software Developer (financial applications) for a possible move to their office based in Melbourne.  Although I have done some research in terms of avg salary and cost of living I would like to hear from people on the ground their feedback on the following points:

1) What constitutes a salary package in Australia (i.e. tickets, bonus, allowances etc)?  I am really not familiar with this area.

2) Is it possible to include a partner (not married) in the visa process and if that is something that I should discuss with my potential employer.

That the most important thing I would like to get info for the time being, further to come as the discussions continue I guess.


Hello Capriole :cheers:

While waiting for members to revert back, I invite you to check out threads talking about salary packages and living expense in our forum section :

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Hi Mr. Capriole,

About salary package, it depends on the company and your years of experiences....IT field job is a good market here. Yes. You have to ask about your wife or children visa in the first place as this is really important.

But it depends on the company agreement to whether they going to allow you to include your wife and children. Usually they don't, and you must bare extra cost for your family member. But company would like to do it for you and you mustn't leave this place coz they are very good people.

Better talk to them and clarify before its too late.

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