Moving to Malta, which area to live in?

Hello everyone,

I'll be moving to Malta in a month, my work will be located in Ta'Xbiex area.

What I am looking for is place that will be a walking distance from Ta'Xbiex as I am not looking into buying a car any time soon.

Which areas would qualify as safe and calm-ish

Mixed reviews around the internet and this forum looks like a solid place for advice.

Thank you!

Hey Mate No Worries at all you can live on the bench  :D no one is going to disturb you Malta is heaven on earth if we consider Malta with other countries i mean here is very secured depends what you prefer busy area or quite... Ta Xbiex and Swieqi if i was you and because of your Work...

For some reason Pieta and Msida get bashed online. How's living there compared to Ta'Xbiex and Gzira? Neighborhoods, amenities, etc.
I like to run outdoors if this could help.

And I agree, it is heaven on earth, at least the way the locals smile and are helpful!

Thank you for reply :)

No No who told you that trust me as i told you is the truth im not getting payed for this  from the goverment  :D so dont worry every where is secure but there are quite and busy areas but always secured the most danger place we have in Malta is peacville and a lott of the cases are between forigners...

Awesome, thank you again!

I have to disagree regarding Swieqi if you are looking for something quiet-ish. Swieqi is anything bus quiet-ish (and not that safe lately in comparison to other areas). It is very crowded, language students everywhere ( and they do not always behave), big issues with parking. And this is only from passing it by on a daily basis with few stop-overs at shops/farm.
Just read through my post and I sound very old  :D

Seems "walking distance from Ta'Xbiex" rules out most places anyone might actually want to be especially given how far most are prepared to walk in very high humidity and heat and what that might mean for your coworkers :)

Jesus you are all like the opposition goverment lol they only see the bad things i cant understand this atitude ehh...

Yeah a bit jockingly, hence the smiley.  But certainly people saing Swieqi etc as walking distance to Ta'Xbiex? not so sure about that one :)

@Volcane @Tinna9 Thank you for the advice. And yes, a walking distance during the summer's heat and humidity is not "coworkers friendly" at all.

While I love walking, I enjoy my Vespa rides too, so that would be the way I hop around the island/work-home as a car is out of the question

Anyone familiar with Gzira and life there?

Not at all Mar Lon M, I love Malta and see many many positive things about it.
However I do believe in giving advice honestly and anything mentioned in post was solely in comparison with other areas. I wouldn't want to give the peson wrong impression, like in the given example of someone wanting quiet-ish town. I didn't say Swieqi is bad, just not suitable for the specific requirement.

GSoupi walking from Swieqi to Ta'Xbiex is definetely a no go, vespa sounds much better!  :)
I work in Ta'Xbiex myself and Gzira can be very convenient for you to live in.

@Tinna9 it looks like it's going to be either Ta'Xbiex or Gzira. Thank you endlessly for your input  :)

Location-wise,  Gzira as a great place to live if you are working in Ta'Xbiex.

The Savoy area up the hill and the parts bordering Sliema are decent and respectable, most people are residents in these streets rather than tourists. Some parts look a bit scruffy, but that is quite normal in many large built up areas in Malta. There are a mix of quiet streets and noisier ones where there are lots of traffic, so you would need to assess the impact of surrounding roads on any property you might view.

There are one or two streets near the old stadium (towards the Msida end) that are known for prostitution, but this is not representative of the majority of decent working people who work and live in the Gzira area. So perhaps best not to look in that part to live.

We have lived in Gzira for 7 years, having owned two separate properties here during that time. We have been very happy and had no problems, have never felt uncomfortable or at risk when out and about day or night, and have had nothing but friendly and welcoming experiences with our Maltese neighbours.

There are good local general stores, butchers, fish, fruit and veg shops to meet everyday needs.

Walking distance from the shops in Sliema is around 15 minutes along the Strand seafront. 

We elected not to own a car and that is why we chose Gzira as it has good transport links as well as being within walking distance of Sliema. There are regular buses, for example, to Valletta and to the airport, and to Sliema and beyond

There are a large variety of restaurants, cafes and bars in the area and along the way to Sliema to suit all budgets.

Property prices and rentals are less expensive than in Sliema. It represents good value in a busy central location.

Hope this helps.

Its ok Tinna9 dont worry at this point i suggest in ta xbiex not gzira but hurry up because summer is next door and alott of forigners come in Malta in summer every year more and more as we are very small its very difficult to find something you will find but a bit expensive  :cheers:

Thank you endlessly CharleyFarley! That's more than helpful! :)

If you do choose Gzira, I suggest first to check Savoy Gardens, and after that Savoy terrace, as those are in my opinion 2 best blocks of buildings there

just don't be surprised with the asking price for rent :)


I am relocating to Malta in August. I will be working in Pieta. Is Gzira within walking distance and services by a bus to Pieta? Also is there a direct bus from Gzira to Marsa?

Initially I was looking to rent in Sliema and St Julian's, now Gzira is becoming an option too. Any advise much appreciated!


According to Google Maps, Msida would be closer to Pieta

Thanks very much. Are you familiar with Msida? Is it a commercial area with cafes, supermarkets, restaurants etc?

Bex: take the advise everyone gives on questions like these, stay 2 weeks and come look.

Malta looks nothing at all like what you might see on Instagram or image searches, you'll almost certainly be dissapointed if you just take peoples advise.  It's also really small so you can figure this out in a short period

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