opening a bank account

I am looking for some  guidance on opening a bank account  in Morocco.
What documentation is required?
Is there  a particular bank that expats find easy to use for international  transfers etc?
Have any expacts ever applied for a loan in Morocco and if so how difficult  was it?


Hello kate :cheers:

While waiting for members to revert back, I invite you to browse through threads talking about banking in Morocco in our forum section:

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There are 2 types of bank account a foreigner can open in Morocco (as far as I know)
1 - if you are a tourist or non just not resident, then they suggest compte en dirhams convertible, which means you can receive money from abroad. but it cannot receive Dirhams, you also can transfer abroad but you need to justify the source of that money.
2-you are resident, you can open a bank account in Dirhams and in convertible dirhams, unlike the 1st one you can receive Dirhams in this account as long as you have a work contrat and carte de séjour.


Hi Katiezee,

Hunzer response summarizes your options to open a bank account in Morocco. but as a practical advise, try to avoid BMCI as they are becoming a nightmare lately with international transactions. Otherwise, other banks offer quite good services : SGMB, BMCEBANK,

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