Hoping to get some Expat info on Jeddah Knowledge International School

     I was hoping someone on this site might have some experience with this school.  I have an online interview with their director this morning and I was hoping to hear about past experiences.  They are looking for a humanities teacher.  My background is in teaching history.  I've never lived in KSA but I did live in Morocco teaching English.  I know about the vast differences in everyday life.  But I am particularly interested in anyones personal experience with this school.  Thanks ahead of time and I truly appreciate any feedback.


Definitely search through the blog under the school's name. There have been many discussions and very mixed reviews of the school.

Hi. I'm really curious. Did you pursue teaching in Jeddah Knowledge International School? If then, how is the experience. I hope you can give me a reply. Thank you so much! ❤

As an ex teacher of JKS all I can say is what ever you read is true. If you still go ahead and take the job I wish you all the best and hope to see you on the other side because your entering a war lol

What types of interveiw questions did they ask i have a interveiw soon and how long did it take for them to contact you  after  their interview

Maybe you could help me pit what types of interveiw questions did they ask?  And how long did it take for them to contact you after the interveiw

To be honest I can't really remember the specifics of the questions asked but they were along the lines of behaviour management strategies (which I didn't understand at the time why so much focus on this question but later I did). Describe a good lesson and stuff.

Okay thank you so much for replying how long did it take for them to send you an offer ?

I had an interview which I thought went really well. I emailed to see if they can confirm if I was being considered or not. Received a generic email about having to wait 10 days for a reply. Havent heard anything since. The school offers good benefits but it seems the behaviour might be an issue. That wouldnt stop me from working in a school but would like such a school to spend 5 mins in showing appreciation for someone applying and taking time for preparing for interview.

The head teacher seemed nice and supportive. She also understand the specifics of the subject which I dont usually expect from head teachers. This shows she is involved with staff and pupils. Id say, if you get an offer and you are single then take it. Family with kids then reconsider as you may not see them for 6 months.

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