Thai Retirement visa

Any expat in Thailand to get retirement visa need THB 800.000 in Thai bank and you have to be 50 years and up. if you are 50 years or up and do not have THB 800.000 that can be solved there are agent who can help you out. for more info contact me .

You said "any" what about if you are married to a Thai National?

if you are married to Thai National you dont have to be 50 and up show money problem can be solve get you a year visa.

i have no trouble with the bank acc of 800,000 baht but the monthly income will be a prob as the aussie pension is only aud $1634  or 25800 baht per month  is there a way around this? and can i live modestly on this - not necessarily in phuket as i'm still researching. any advice greatly appreciated.

So if you're married to a Thai National is it 400000 baht?

@Tisitdave if you can show 800.000 you do not need to show monthly income your income $1634 a month is good enough comfortable for your self,

@thepcman if you do your visa in Kuala Lumpur I think 300.000

thanks for the quick reply suerte007 greatly appreciated. i have other questions but not tonight . next time i'm on thanks again.

either way...

a.  800k baht in bank for 2 months prior application


b. have pension of 65,000 baht monthly

Yes one of them you need it if you don't have them both you pay the agent 30.000 THB for 1 year visa

1.  I think the age is 55yo

2.  you need to get a the initial visa in your home country, this gives you 3 months
      - come find a residence (room, condo) you need to show a housing lease, open a bank account.
3.  get a statutory declaration from your embassy that you have a pension of >65,000bht per month,
      just get a stat dec, for Aust you hand write it at the embassy and they stamp it.  Too easy.
4.  copy of your passport and visa pages
5. fill out application form including passport pics

Travel the the middle of nowhere (Luksi, Gov complex, taxi from Mochit BTS) to get your visa, takes 4 hours GO EARLY, dont forget you also need a re-entry permit.

please you guys
do it legally as if you get caught you're blacklisted
things are tightening up now and there is a 3 page questionnaire that you must fill out. It includes a lot of personal data. … rbvZuRw.97

looks like the agent is advertising on the blog as well

There is actually no such visa, however you can get permission to remain based on retirement. Its often referred to as a retirement visa for ease.

tisitdave: you could possibly EXIST on that but most wouldn't class it as living. You would have to like eating lots of rice, noodles, other street food and not be partial to beer & female company. A lot of people forget to factor in the cost of visas fees, health & accident insurance, trips back home, motorbike or car, etc. etc. The Thai gov. at 65,000bht have it about right.

Tallpoppy I think you are right that the age is technically 55, however they allow it from 50.

terenceyeo: c. A combination of the 2.

I am very interested in finding out how to get around the 800 000 baht in a bank account

looking forward to your input

Tim Elliott :

I am very interested in finding out how to get around the 800 000 baht in a bank account

looking forward to your input

Be able to show a regular income of at least the equivalent of 65,000 bht a month. As far as I'm aware this can be from pensions, investments, property rental, etc. so long as it appears to be a sustainable and regular income generated outside Thailand.

You can also use you income and savings. Say if you have a income of oh say 45,000 baht a month ok  12X 45,000 = 540,000 baht, so 800,000 - 540,000 = 260,000 baht in the bank. Your income is based on what you report to your embassy. Raise your right hand and swear you telling the truth the stamp and sign it and walla. At least that's how it works at the US embassy...

^ ^ ^ This is what I meant by "c" in post #13 above.

Hello,May I ask how this can be arranged.What do I have to do.Thank you,Kirk

Lancashire Lad :

Tallpoppy I think you are right that the age is technically 55, however they allow it from 50.

terenceyeo: c. A combination of the 2.

The current age requirement for extension of stay for purpose of retirement is set at 50 in current Immigration Act.

First you have to open bank account some visa agents will put it in for you till you get visa stamp

Thank you for your quick answer.Where can I find these visa agents.Can you advice me for some agents.Thank you.Kirk

Kirk, are you already in Thailand? Its much easier to do it once there. You can arrive on a 60 day tourist visa - which you can extend by a further 30 days giving you a total of 90 days to line up your ducks for your retirement visa.

Can I apply for a retirement visa in Chiang Mai having a current visa that was extended 30 days from a visa on arrival?

Hi Misho,
I know the contact in Bangkok it a visa agent. Maybe you look for agents in Chiang Mai

What nationality are you? Visa on arrival applies to only a few countries. I suspect what you currently have is an extended 30 day visa waiver stamp. Yes you can change to extension of stay based on retirement. There's actually no such thing as a retirement visa although its commonly called that. I guess you already know you will have to meet certain mimimum financial requirements and be able to show proof?

Edit: more about that in this thread above.

I'm not an expert on the Thai retirement visa. However, I do have some knowledge some knowledge on the subject.

Before I go there is something of a resource on line. It's a website called I guy named JC runs the site. He's been doing so since about 2012. Membership might be $20 or $30 a month. If you want only one month then you have to go to a tab and to some effect click on non-recurring. In the archives there is extensive discussion about Thai retirement visas. Since there is so much there, there is enough information to answer many of your questions.

The bank account and income are somewhat separate issues. Immigration is looking at if you can afford to live in Thailand. You can use either the bank account or the equivalent of a monthly income. You could also apply with a combination of the two as long as it comes up to the 800,000 baht a month income. You could have the bank account and simply not use the money. When you reapply for the retirement visa they would require the same balance at the time of the new visa. When I applied I applied in the states. They accepted my stateside accounts as satisfying the condition. That also means that you are not required to have the money in a Thai bank, just prove that you have the assets to satisfy their conditions. I personally do not have any Thai bank accounts. I use a debit card from one of my accounts and deal in cash. Also, I go to a bank with my original passport to make (generally) a monthly withdrawal. I believe the ATM's have a limit of 15,000 per transaction, possibly per day. I am told that it is advisable to have a few thousand dollars (US or Australian) in a bank account for any sudden emergencies, such as medical incidents. I have my ATM and do not keep cash in Thailand. Personally I just want to keep things simple.

I hope this helps. It can get confusing. In Chiang Mai I use a service Assist Thai Visa. I pay them 1,000 baht per year. They take care of the visa runs and consult on any additional needs.




You could do it the way you say but there are many other ways also. You could start it from your country of origin. Depending upon your country of origin, your passport is your visa for the first 90 days. Also, you do not have to have the money physically in Thailand, but must show some documentation to satisfy immigrations. Your own statements or a consulate certification could satisfy that condition, even prior to arriving in Thailand. Once you get past the first retirement visa your learning curve should have peaked and things will fit into place.


On e correction here; if you apply for a retirement visa from your country the Thai consulate would accept copies of your financial statements. If you are in Thailand then you would use you country consulate to satisfy immigration.

Yah financial statements a must or do it with agents you pay some and not have to worry about financial statement this post is all about financial statement.

Great info thanks!
What equivalent would you need to have monthly?
Just to know....

What if you have a Philippino girlfriend. How much additional money deposited in the USA would you need?

your passport is your visa for the first 90 days  This is wrong. 30+30 without a visa.

Access to the members only section at JC's Retirecheap.Asia is $10 a month. Least it was when I signed up nearly 3 years ago (& I'm still there but never have time to visit). I do though attend the weekly member meetings in Chiang Mai when I'm in town. Lots & lots of good visa information at the forums for free.

Cuban you need 65,000bht a month OR 800,000 in the bank OR any combination of the 2.  i.e If you had a monthly income equating to 400,000 a year, then you would need 400,000 in the bank.

Is your GF also 50+ ? As far as I am aware she too would need the same income/finance, but I'm not knowledgeable on this.

Intruigingly, if you are married to a Thai, you only half as much.

Honestly, I don't have the specific numbers in front of me. Thai immigration does have a web site. I believe list and either or type of scenario. You could probably work out the ratio from the numbers that they post.

In terms of a girl friend I have not heard nor know anything about girl friend situations. It could be that she has to apply under her own passport. Then again I really don't know.

Bill Kip

It changes if your WIFE IS THAI (then the magic number for you is 400,000 baht a year), Every other foreigner must have a income or savings or combination of the two that Equals 800.000 Baht a year. At current rates that's about $23k a year  (U.S.) according to … amp;To=USD

Anyway I am sick of Thailand even after you get visa show up your face every 90 days. Country like Cambodia you pay US300 a year and show nothing that include work permit

Then Please leave.....

On October 21, a few weeks ago, Thai immigration hosted an all day work shop, in Chiang Mai. Apparently this is an annual event. Expat's are invited to whatever. I believe that previously that work shop was with middle management personnel that informed the expats of whatever. This year there were several expat's not there because it was going to be the same oh same oh again. This time the presentations were given by department chiefs and included a minister from the cabinet. At the end of the meeting she was flying back to Bangkok to report to the PM. More then two hours were devoted to taking in information from the expat's. From what I understand, that was a first. It would appear that one of the items that will be presented to the PM is that of having a long term visa in excess of one year. A number of things are in the process of being changed. One very simple reason for that is because Thailand wants to be very high on the list for expat's and medical services. The Thai analysis is that Malaysia is above Thailand on that so called list.  And, already immigration has made some changes with the 90 day que and possibly the on line service. There are more changes coming down the Pike.

Thank you Lancaster, apparently I had inputted too much inflation with JC's price. I once was a RIPER. However, I could not buy into the category 1, nor could I participate in some of the angst.

suerte007 :

Anyway I am sick of Thailand even after you get visa show up your face every 90 days. Country like Cambodia you pay US300 a year and show nothing that include work permit

You have a 22 day window to aid your convenience, however showing up is voluntary. The report can be made by post or online.

Thanks for your answer.
I found an agent in Chiang Mai and things are underway
Thanks for checking in

my name is freddy .i like to get the retirement visa . can you help me please.
my mobile is 094973734 if you like to contact me.
thank you

what area are you in ?
what country are you from?

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