Thai Retirement visa

Any expat in Thailand to get retirement visa need THB 800.000 in Thai bank and you have to be 50 years and up. if you are 50 years or up and do not have THB 800.000 that can be solved there are agent who can help you out. for more info contact me .

You said "any" what about if you are married to a Thai National?

if you are married to Thai National you dont have to be 50 and up show money problem can be solve get you a year visa.

i have no trouble with the bank acc of 800,000 baht but the monthly income will be a prob as the aussie pension is only aud $1634  or 25800 baht per month  is there a way around this? and can i live modestly on this - not necessarily in phuket as i'm still researching. any advice greatly appreciated.

So if you're married to a Thai National is it 400000 baht?

@Tisitdave if you can show 800.000 you do not need to show monthly income your income $1634 a month is good enough comfortable for your self,

@thepcman if you do your visa in Kuala Lumpur I think 300.000

thanks for the quick reply suerte007 greatly appreciated. i have other questions but not tonight . next time i'm on thanks again.

either way...

a.  800k baht in bank for 2 months prior application


b. have pension of 65,000 baht monthly

Yes one of them you need it if you don't have them both you pay the agent 30.000 THB for 1 year visa

1.  I think the age is 55yo

2.  you need to get a the initial visa in your home country, this gives you 3 months
      - come find a residence (room, condo) you need to show a housing lease, open a bank account.
3.  get a statutory declaration from your embassy that you have a pension of >65,000bht per month,
      just get a stat dec, for Aust you hand write it at the embassy and they stamp it.  Too easy.
4.  copy of your passport and visa pages
5. fill out application form including passport pics

Travel the the middle of nowhere (Luksi, Gov complex, taxi from Mochit BTS) to get your visa, takes 4 hours GO EARLY, dont forget you also need a re-entry permit.

please you guys
do it legally as if you get caught you're blacklisted
things are tightening up now and there is a 3 page questionnaire that you must fill out. It includes a lot of personal data. … rbvZuRw.97

looks like the agent is advertising on the blog as well

There is actually no such visa, however you can get permission to remain based on retirement. Its often referred to as a retirement visa for ease.

tisitdave: you could possibly EXIST on that but most wouldn't class it as living. You would have to like eating lots of rice, noodles, other street food and not be partial to beer & female company. A lot of people forget to factor in the cost of visas fees, health & accident insurance, trips back home, motorbike or car, etc. etc. The Thai gov. at 65,000bht have it about right.

Tallpoppy I think you are right that the age is technically 55, however they allow it from 50.

terenceyeo: c. A combination of the 2.

I am very interested in finding out how to get around the 800 000 baht in a bank account

looking forward to your input

Tim Elliott :

I am very interested in finding out how to get around the 800 000 baht in a bank account

looking forward to your input

Be able to show a regular income of at least the equivalent of 65,000 bht a month. As far as I'm aware this can be from pensions, investments, property rental, etc. so long as it appears to be a sustainable and regular income generated outside Thailand.

You can also use you income and savings. Say if you have a income of oh say 45,000 baht a month ok  12X 45,000 = 540,000 baht, so 800,000 - 540,000 = 260,000 baht in the bank. Your income is based on what you report to your embassy. Raise your right hand and swear you telling the truth the stamp and sign it and walla. At least that's how it works at the US embassy...

^ ^ ^ This is what I meant by "c" in post #13 above.

Hello,May I ask how this can be arranged.What do I have to do.Thank you,Kirk

Lancashire Lad :

Tallpoppy I think you are right that the age is technically 55, however they allow it from 50.

terenceyeo: c. A combination of the 2.

The current age requirement for extension of stay for purpose of retirement is set at 50 in current Immigration Act.

First you have to open bank account some visa agents will put it in for you till you get visa stamp

Thank you for your quick answer.Where can I find these visa agents.Can you advice me for some agents.Thank you.Kirk

Kirk, are you already in Thailand? Its much easier to do it once there. You can arrive on a 60 day tourist visa - which you can extend by a further 30 days giving you a total of 90 days to line up your ducks for your retirement visa.

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