£55-60K pa salary in London


What's your opinion about a £55-60K pa salary in London for 3 persons (a couple + 1 babe) ?

Generally what is the most interesting deal : Live in London or live in another city (which one ?) and come to London for working every day by transport ?

Thank you !


I was on £54k per annum (now taken time off after maternity) Hubby was earning significantly more and we decided to live in zone 6 and I commute into London daily.

Depends on the quality of life you want, your money will go farther if you lived outside London but you'll need to factor in a stressful commute everyday and getting home late etc.

You can just about live in London comfortably, rent
May take up nearly half your pay but you will be more relaxed and most things to do are within easy reach.




salary package seems good for a couple and a baby. However depending on your lifestyle and whether you are a person eating-out profile, well depends also what kind of restaurants.
Apart from rent cost which might be very high (depending on location).
I suggest Richmond for living, incredibly nice place , and close to Harringay if you love turkish food and market, but still if it is close to your work.
Good luck my friend

A salary of £55-60K is pretty OK but you will still need to carefully choose the place where you live since it isn't a high salary. Richmond is indeed a beautiful place, one of the nicer parts of London, in fact that whole area of Surbiton, Kingston, Richmond, Kew and Twickenham and all around there is really nice. I spent a long time living there.

But you are right to consider living in another city as an option. The train from London Victoria down to Brighton takes about an hour, so you could live in Brighton if you don't mind the commute. However, all along that route, all the way in to London are nice places to live, Croydon, Haywards Heath, Wandsworth, Burgess Hill and even Lewes and Rye which are amazing places but I think are on the Hastings to London line.

The advantage of living in one of these places is that the rent or house price is often cheaper and you can probably live in a bigger house than in London, and, you will be either in or near to the countryside or even by the seaside.

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