I need advice to invest in renting cars

Hi, if any one can help, I am thinking to buy 2 or 3 new cars then to let any rental company like europcar have them for monthly rate for me, my question is I have work permit for 2 years, can I installment these cars easly ,and how I can offer my cars to companies.

I'm dying to see what answers you receive because this seems a stupid idea to me and almost certainly in breach of any finance agreement you will enter into. But I might be wrong.

If you buy a new car, the car dealer will arrange financing for you. I don't know if companies like Europcar, Avis or Hertz would want to rent from you. I have literally no idea. I guess you'd need to contact them directly to get some answers.

To my knowledge they buy the cars that they rent to customers. I cant imagine how you thought this was a brilliant idea.....not to mention the liability involved even on a good day. Same goes for buying a car to rent to customers yourself. People do it but its usually a crappy old car they wouldnt miss anyway.

My advice, forget this idea and start over. Do NOT buy any car first with the idea the agencies will take it. If you want to persist, then call the companies and ask to speak to the fleet manager and explain your plan. You'll have your answer in five seconds.

I did, all rent companies replied to me,they can rent the 3 cars, after I pay the monthly installment , I would have 4500 RM. I already know some one will help me. So I will just pay 78000 RM only then I will have 4500 monthly for 5 years

yes you can start a business or cars as texi in malaysia its very profitable.

Thank you

Be an independent car rental dealer. Target universities or private colleges. There are foreign students that needs car rental services and it can be quite a big hit. Cyberjaya, Nilai and Bangi seems to have quite a demand.

A lot of way of looking at it. At least to own a car Malaysia you need to have some investment.

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