Where to get access to a printer in Fayrouz, Hurghada?

I live in Fayrouz, Mubarak 11 district Hurghada, Egypt. Where can I go to print out documents there?
I need some urgent printing done ASP!

I live close to shops called City Market and Green Market. The nearest hotel is called Palm Beach Resort.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Look i dont know hurghadah very well but here in egypt you can finde printshop neer any governmental office

the best is to get your own..........took some looking..................

but have an HP-color laser printer scanner and copier in my office in my home

cost 2,300 never look for printer

cartridges can be bought in Maadi

but I have been here 10 years and need my own printer

I had 2 already, the last I left in Malaysia - because the first I posted from Malaysia to Egypt got lost in the post.
I haven't had the time or incentive to buy another yet - mainly due to too much necessary traveling around Egypt lately - and only being at home intermitently.

Yes, the one's I had owned previously were H P a great make of printer.
As luck would have it - I have found a 24 hour internet cafe near my home in Fayrouz.
So problem solved :)
Off on my travels again soon!  :)

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