Moving to Egypt alone....


I visited a lovely hotel in Hurghada for Christmas with my family.
I was offered two jobs there, I also met a girl in one of the clubs who has passed my number on to her boss (I am waiting for his phone call)

I am planning on coming the first week of March 2018.
I would be coming alone, english, blonde and young.... this attracted some male attention while i was on holiday, but I was with my family (could this be dangerous if I was alone?)

I am really interested in hearing more information, or any advice anyone has.

Yes I would get a work visa, and would make sure I have a written confirmation of Work deal.

Thanks in advance!
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jade

Can you be more specific about how you were approached and what type of work you were offered?
It is more than likely the job would not be there once you arrived and that it is just a ploy to have you come back to Hurghada for 'romantic' reasons.
Do you realise that salaries are very low as well? Even having a written guarantee is not worth anything in Hurghada.

There are many expats living in Hurghada and trying to get jobs is very difficult - having said that if you are young getting jobs in animation is fairly easy but the pay is very low.

Many Egyptian men in Hurghada prey on women for many different reasons and any Egyptian will tell you 'trust no one'.

I lived and worked in Hurghada for 3 years and saw many bad situations. Having said that it is also a good experience if you are very cautious and careful.

I will give you links for Facebook pages for Expats in Hurghada and also one for women only for all of Egypt - here you can ask many questions and get the relevant advice/information.


I was offered a job as part of the animation team, also the restaurant mananger is in contact with me.
I have also applied online for other animation jobs within hurghada.

I did meet an Egyptian boy over there who says he will come to work with me in the hotel I decide to work in. I am not returning to Egypt for the boy or the money , I am going for the experience, it just happens to be a benefit to me that he is prepared to show me around etc.
I will not go to Egypt without speaking to a manager first to confirm dates, accommodation etc.
I have studied local laws, And i will dress appropriately.

I have had quite rude comments  on trip advisor regarding a work visa, but I have spoken with a girl who works and lives over there (she visited on holiday, and then returned) she has lived there for a year now, but without a work visa.

Thankyou for your kind post,
I will be careful, and will enjoy my experience. I do appreciate friendly posts.


Hi Jade

I am so glad to hear you are 'doing your homework' before going.
It is also great that you have a female friend already in Hurghada too.

It's great that you are researching local customs etc. If you dress and act modestly at all times then you will be treated with much greater respect by Egyptians - particularly the men.

If you are there on vacation it doesn't matter so much if you wear brief clothing, but when you are living there and are part of the community it is better to be more mindful of what you wear and how you behave.

The expat community in Hurghada is very supportive too :)

btw... I did not have a work visa when I was there. Even most of the big hotels will not supply them as they are quite expensive. Also the Egyptian government are trying to keep jobs open for locals as unemployment is so high.

Yes I agree with you, Thankyou very much.

I included my age in a post on a different site, and the reply I got was answering in a distcriminating way because I ‘’hadn’t done my research on applying for a work visa’’
I had done my research, I have just heard it’s a very difficult process and unlikely that it would be accepted, I am just worried I would get in to trouble for not having a work visa....
I would not draw attention to myself, I have studied the local laws, I wouldn’t cause trouble and I wouldn’t be disrespectful.

I am just hoping to enjoy a new experience, meet new people on the way, and learn new cultures and new things.

Do you know anyone who is in hurghada now?

If the police come through checking work visas they mostly target Russian girls - I am not 100% sure why but some are not of good character and there is also a lot of them working there.
My boss was just ready to say I was a client if they came. I think there would be more of an issue with work visas in Cairo.
They also do checks on apartment buildings to see if couples have marriage papers - usually the doorman can warn you but you will have minimal problems if you live quietly etc.

I do still keep in touch with a few people in Hurghada, both Egyptian and Expat. I have a very close English woman friend that I maintain regular contact with.

Don't be put off by a few harsh comments.... most expats are only too happy to offer advice or help you out

its the same as most cities , and considered to have extra security , just dont be so nice to men  cause they got it totally wrong , and of course put a rule for no relation with A.m

Yap most men would offer a "job" to get some other benefits . Besides some people have a habit of extra welcome when actually they dont mean it .
Be careful madam

maybe you can try to submit you resume at international school ! usually they prefer to hire foreigners teachers, plus if you british you'll got better offer. i had woman friend from ukraine she got fair offer from international school located in maadi, cairo, also there is many international schools in hurghada, but trust me if you want to visit egypt for a tourist absolutely you'll enjoy seeing new places but if you come looking for job you must think million time because everything had changed, and you can ask who is live there that life now a days in egypt is difficult . many foreigners suffering and decided back to there countries even the egypains many of them trying emigrate and run if they are alone with out children.
don't hesitate to communicate anyone here in, make sure you'll see strong support and accurate information pretty much but anyway becarefull .
happy new year to you. :) hope best wishes and good luck for what seeking for.

my best advice, dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i work in hotels as well there are many jobs in other places
be logical. also if you do ....PLEASE do not fall in love with an egyptian at the resort.....i keep hearing of this and the women getting screwed over! i love england and had an amazing time there. i would have to be honest and say NO! please dont do it.....

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