VOA Helppppp

Hi guys ,

My friends are coming to visit me from Oman . However , it's harder to fet VOA letter online . Can anyone tell me how can I get it for them in Hanoi ?


I had a colleague travel from Oman with his wife in January, they applied on-line with a visa company all was taken care of they down loaded the letter sent by visa company that they needed to hand to immigration, pre-filled in the form with photos and paid the fee, unfortunately in Oman there is no consulate facilities for Vietnam so it has to be done online, are they Omani nationals?

Yes , they are Omani . I have checked with some agent companies and they say its about 145-190$ service fee ( exclusive $25 stamping fee ) instead of 12$ for other nationalities . So I just wondering if I can sponsor them or any other websites which can give them a cheaper price .

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