How to remove my name from the Vietnam blacklist? :(

Dear co-expats,
     I’ve been working in the hospitality group in Hanoi since 2014 on a working visa which expired Dec2017 .. expired fro 25 days so the HR dept bought me a ticket to bangkok for a VISA RUN. (started with a  3 month visa then 6-month..then 1 year visa last visa run in Bangkok last week.)
     Our HR dept emailed me the night before my flight back to HN that I needed to buy a ticket since I was already on the blacklist!?!
     Sadly after I bought my 1 way ticket back to Manila which cost around $270, the HR said they paid too much money for my visa 2x so most likely they won’t be able to fix my problem about my name on the visa blacklist ...just like that...will all my stuffs inside my apartment in Hanoi.
    1. Is it a good idea to go to the Vietnam embassy in Manila and confirm if i’m indeed on the blacklist?
    2. If I am on the blacklist, how long will it take before the ban is lifted?
    3. Will this be a big issue with a new employer?
    4. Shall I go for business visa then a work permit since I don’t have a diploma which is required to get a work permit?
     I would love to receive  pertinent answers to these Q’s.

Being blacklisted for an overstay, I very much doubt it. It sounds to me like your employer is just useless. Go to the embassy and reapply.

Thank you.

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