Spouse Visa for Vietnam?

My husband is contemplating a move to work for VA based in Hanoi. I would be travelling to and fro from the UK every four weeks approximately. Does anyone know what kind of Visa I would need or could I just do a yearly multi entry??

if your husband has a working contract, he shall be provided with a work permit and Residence card valid for 2 years. You shall also be provided a residence card following your husband's case.
when u first travel to VN, if he has one residence card already, you just apply for a 1 month single entry visa then staff in your husband company shall apply for your residence card. if he hasnt got one yet, i suggest you have 3 month -multi entry visa cause
it take nearly one month to get a work permit done, 1 week to get residence card.
if your stay in VIetnam is less than 2 weeks then u dont need to apply for a visa cause visa exemption for UK citizen to VN is 15 days.
Plus, apply for residence card is much cheaper cause around 100 usd/2 year while for visa, each application costs you from 45 usd depending on the type of visa.
Hope it help.

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