expats in Mati , Davao Oriental

were do expats meet in Mati City ???

We ressently moved to Mati and woold like to meet other expats living there ,to have a chat and ( or ) a drink .

greets Dirk


Are you still residing in Mati?I am heading to Mati in August & am seeking advice from fellow expats



hi Martin,
yes we live in Mati city Davao Oriental.
i like it here becorse this is a smal town and i dont like the big city life hehe,and this place have all i need ,close to the market and supermarket ,the beach is only 15 minutes drive ,there is a hospital and i can use my mastercard to get cash in several ATMs.
so, lets say am easy to please hahaha


I am very pleased to have made contact with yourself.i have sent you an email & will add you on FB,

Thanks again


Hi Dirk,

Only just saw this post. Like you I also live in Mati. I am originally from the UK and have been here off/on on a tourist visa for the last 5 years as I was working overseas until recently. Anyway, if you would like to meet up sometime you can call/text me ***

Regards   Carl. J.

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Hello, I like your post. I want to move to Davao too. I will like to start a business like Business Center or  mini supermarket. I am a black from west Africa. Of course hope to get wife and marry
Please what are my chances or any advise?

hi Solly,

be aware that foreigners are not alowed to own property or buzenis in the Philippines .

Thanks for the reply. Then what about houses that Expat build there, how are they able to own it. Also do you mean that foreigners do secular work there, working for other, they don't own there own business?



Hi Dirk,trust you are keeping well!I have finally managed to confirm our trip to Mati,arriving on the 6th of December for a couple of days.Would like to take the opportunity to meet with you.

Kind regards


we will be awaiting you ,we'r looking forward to meet you both.cold drinks and warm food will be redy lol

greets Dirk


That's very kind,now I would like to bring you something from Australia.What do you like to drink or other suggestions?dont be shy!



hahahaha ya realy got me there haha,wen i left the navy ,18 yrs ago i kinda left my drinkin days and ways behind me hehe.last year i booght a few belgian beers and after tasting one i gave the rest away to frends hehe ,my taste has gone native ,i stick whit San Miguel and Tanduay . so thanks but am good on that, maybe a wine the girls can share wile we have a beer ,(a lokal beer) hahaha .
wen ya here i tel ya a few tales on belgian navy drinking ,ya die laughin am sure hahaha.
gues my wify have such a good influence on mi that one can cal me a good boyyy (most of the times) hahahahaha.
any way cheers Dirk

Hi, can you tell me if Mati and Dahican beach are safe areas for foreigners, particularly from NPA and extremists? thanks..

we rent a house in Mati and we visit resorts walk around all over in the city and live in a pinoy naiborhood ,never been bothered by any thing,so yeah i gues this is a safe place.
wen ever you visit here feel free to visit us aswe live 2 minutes walking from the bus terminal we are easy to find ,if your lukcy our ausi naibor will be here to if he's free from his job.
pm to get in contact about visiting pls.

greets Dirk

ps dont like the waves of Dahikan beach so we usual go to Bleu Bles or one of the other beach resorts were there are no waves and plenty coral reefs to go snorkeling hehe

Thanks for the reply Dirk, I will get in touch sometime..
Best, Simon

as we leave our house that we rent in Mati it will be for rent in august,small house newly build very clean ,1 bdr ,bathroom,very nice location ,walking distance from market ,bus terminal and supermarket.quit naiborhood,rent only 5000 peso a month ,cable internet whit good speed.
we'l be sorry to leave it but happy to start our own house build haha
for info pm me and i give the phone nbr of owner ,owner school teacher ,dream landlords.

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