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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. Our family moved to the Philippines in 2015. Currently, we are living in Ormoc City, Leyte. My wife's hometown. Just wanted to see if there were any other expats near this area?

Hey Goingabroad, Hello neighbor. My wife and I live in the Mejia subdivison and would love to meet your family. There are a large number of expats here. Go to the Dunkin Donuts across from Jollibees downtown every morning between 10 and 1 pm and you are bound to meet some.

Welcome to the forum, Sir. I think there are expats in that area as there are members here from there.

Thanks. I was already able to make contact with one person in the area.

helloo frmbert i live at near sogod so leyte

Hello Don
I may come to Ormoc in the next month or two. Are you still near that City?

Are you still in Ormoc? As am looking to come there from South Africa on the next month or two.

Yes, we still live in Ormoc and would be glad to meet you any time.


Don,thanks for your reply.
I will send you a PM

Be living there in February and March. There was about half dozen of us that got together in Baybay last time I was there.Watch for me around Baybay, Ormoc and Mahaplag regions!

Thanks for reply. From which country are you and where are you based in Leyte? As I may return for awhile in next month or two

Leaving north Idaho now where US Home is and will be based in Mahaplag.

i am a aussie i live near  sogod so leyte dagsa province only foreigner here, very quite and clean i like the rural atmosphere

Im in Cape Town,South Africa and looking to visit Baybay soon. Are you near there and where in Australia you from?

Is that near Baybay at all?

Hi Guys,

We live in Puerto Galera, Mindoro but have a house and some animals in Albuera. We should be coming over in the near future, my 1st time there, my wife is from Albuera. Would be nice to touch base with some fellow expats.

Hi and hello.

My name is Don Davis and I live right next to Albuera in Ormoc. There are a bunch of expats around here and I would like to invite you to have coffee with us. We often meet at around 11 am at the Dunkin Donut downtown across from Jollibees. My wife's family is from Talisayon, so we go to Albuera all the time. Things in Albuera are a bit tense following the murder of the ex-mayor and arrest of his son on drug charges. Plus there was a double bombing in Bato a couple of months ago which led to soldiers being stationed all over town.

I hope to see you soon


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Thanks,I have seen quite a few  here,but just in passing

Hi Goingabroad,
We (my wife and me) just arrived in Baybay City, I am going to work at Visayas State University. We are from Germany and at the moment we are searching for a house or flat to rent, preferably at the coast or beach :)
If you know a good real estate broker at the region or if you heard about a house ... to rent, I would be happy if you let me know.
Greetings, Martin

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