American Veterans in Davao City

My family and I are moving to Davao City in April.  I would be appreciate any information on veteran organizations there, contact numbers, email, website, etc.


For your own security, please share contact information in private.

I don't believe veterans meet up in Davao much,  but defiantly in Angeles. Alot of ex US Forces personel either live there or visit. There is a bar in Matina Town Square complex run run by an English guy called Marco, who gets alot of expat customers. Other than that expats are scattered.

That will change when we open a new American Legion Post here hopefully later this year. Will update on here as this develops.

Hi Richard,

Have you moved here yet? If so, we need to meet so I can give you an American Legion membership application form.

Greetings Phiillip,

We should be in Davao City by mid June.  We had a little delay because I decided to have my cataract surgery here in Tagbilaran.  Anyhow, I fully intend to join the American Legion.  I am willing to fill out the form and send you the fee while i am still here.


OK please PM me your mailing address and I will get the form out to you.

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